Alexander Pyles

Alexander Pyles resides in IL with his wife and children. He holds an MA in Philosophy and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. His short story chapbook, “Milo (01001101 01101001 01101100 01101111)” is forthcoming fall 2019 from Radix Media. His shorter fiction has appeared in Drabblz Magazine,,, and in River & South Review.

Time to Retreat

by Gabriella Balcom


As Pam picked a dahlia, something jabbed her finger. She was perplexed to discover a thorn—dahlias weren’t supposed to have any.

Not wanting to be gouged again, she tried to snip off the thorn with her clippers, but the plant pulled away. Pam frowned and figured she must’ve imagined the movement. She firmly grasped the stalk to try again, but it unexpectedly lashed out at her and scratched her cheek. She gasped, her mouth falling open. Then she fled.


The plant made a snorting sound, retracted the thorn into its stem, then slid out of sight behind other dahlias.


Gabriella Balcom

Gabriella Balcom, who is from Texas, writes fantasy, horror/thriller, romance, sci-fi, and more. She likes traveling, music, photography, great stories, history, and movies. Gabriella says she loves forests, mountains, and back roads. She has a weakness for lasagna, garlic bread, tacos, cheese, and chocolate. Check out her author page on FACEBOOK


T. L. Barrett

The weird writer T. L. Barrett lives in the green hills of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom with his wife, sons, his dogs (Jake and Dude), and three cats. He spent time travelling the world as a young man and then has raised a great passel of children and taught high school English for 22 years. He is now dedicating his time to his true passion: writing and stories. He has had many tales and novels, such as The Wardmaster and Hairy Bromance, published in the small press.

The Gun

by James WF Roberts


The gun on the table mocks me. It calls to me. It knows me. It knows my secrets. It knows everything I’ve done.  This dormant metal god, looks at me. “Do it. Do it. End it now. End it all. Put my cold metal shaft between your lips.  Embrace bliss”.

The easy way out?  To blow the back of my head out? To eat lead? What would they say about me? Coward? This proves my guilt?  I know what the whole world thinks of me now. Would it just prove them all right?  It calls again. My hand reaches out.


James WF Roberts

James has recently completed two consecutive Masters from Monash University Australia, Journalism and Communications and Media studies. James has a BA Honours in philosophy and literature and has been published in over a dozen magazines and journals around the world and has published several of his own poetry collections.

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Sue Marie St. Lee

Born in Chicago, Sue Marie St. Lee currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and Manx cat. A storyteller since learning to talk, her wild imagination caused reprimands from her Mother. Her imagination persevered.

Shawn M. Klimek

SHAWN M. KLIMEK is the author of more than 200 published poems and short stories in several genres. As of June 2021, he is featured in 25 BHP publications and accepted in 10 more.


by Charlotte O’Farrell


All my life, Uncle Harry’s name was spoken with a pitying hush. “He never recovered from his son’s disappearance.”

He lived thirty years after my cousin vanished. Harry was never at family events. Maybe he avoided them, maybe he wasn’t invited at all. People think grief and tragedy are contagious.

He left me his house, surprisingly. I was thrilled. His garden would be perfect for my dog, Fluffy.

The first day there, Fluffy dug for hours.

I called him in at sunset. He emerged from the flower patch with a tibia in his jaws. Degraded, child-sized bones littered the garden.


Charlotte O’Farrell

Charlotte O’Farrell writes horror and all manner of the weird and wonderful. Her work has appeared on the Horror Tree, the Drabble and the Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine, among others. You can find her on Twitter @ChaOFarrell or Facebook AuthorCharlotteOFarrell.


Aberrant Foliation

by Dennis Mombauer


The train stopped. Sanesh awoke with a start. His own reflection stared at him from the window. Blackest night reigned outside, and the jungle brushed against the carriage.

“What is going on?” The compartment was abandoned. The ceiling lamps flickered.

Someone knocked on the door, and the metal shuddered. Sanesh turned and found his reflection gone, the window just a square of empty darkness.

Another knock.

“Who is there?”

Sanesh inched closer. The handle moved, the door swung open.

As the train accelerated again, Sanesh awoke with a start: and from within the window, he stared at his own reflection.


Dennis Mombauer

Dennis Mombauer currently lives in Colombo as a freelance researcher and writer of speculative fiction, textual experiments, and poetry. He is co-publisher of a German magazine for experimental fiction and has published fiction and non-fiction in various magazines and anthologies. His first English novel, “The Fertile Clay,” will be published by Nightscape Press in late 2019.

Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer

Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer is a speculative fiction writer, poet and scholar, who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She has also written a Masters paper on H.P. Lovecraft, and a teenage vampire series that commences with “MYSTIC EVERMORE”.  Her science fiction poetry has been published in “THE MENTOR” a fanzine edited by Ron Clarke.

Darkness Falls

by Kim Plasket


Darkness falls across a sea of blood. Closing eyes to the horror of the day, demons scurry in fear as the killer starts to draw near. Hellfire and insanity are not far behind.

You think you can survive until the day draws to a close, then you realise it will only get worse as the day ends.  Your only hope is to die quickly.

Your open grave waits for you to climb into its cold embrace, you know the killer waits for you somewhere. Stepping into your grave, you find him there waiting, sharp knife ready to end your suffering.


Kim Plasket

Kim Plasket is a Jersey girl at heart relocated to sunny Florida. She enjoys writing horror and paranormal stories. She lives with her husband and 2 kids. When she is not slaving away at her day job, she can be found drinking coffee and planning the demise of some poor character. Find her on Amazon :