I Can’t Stand the Rain

by Frances Tate


“And the dreams?” the psychiatrist asks.

“Stopped,” I lie, won’t admit the rain still brings them on. Worse than ever.

I drive home, wipers dancing.

Cooking makes me feel better; a romantic meal for one. Italian. Plenty of wine. I go to bed feeling relaxed.


I wake, soaked and shivering.

In my dream, a monster entered a random family’s home. Tore the children apart first.

Shredded Mum as she tried to reach them. Took a bullet, didn’t stop. Ripped Daddy asunder.

Rising, whimpering and sore, I see the blood-streaked monster at the bare first-floor window: Scream.

At my reflection.

Frances Tate
Frances Tate is a British self-published writer of vampires and drabbles who has recently rediscovered short stories. She has been published in The Dark Sire, CommuterLit and The Drabble. She’s had drabbles accepted for a number of Black Hare Press Anthologies.  

She enjoys gardening, historical sites, cinema, reading and travelling.



Kimberly Rei

When Kimberly Rei was five years old, her parents gifted her with a set of Children’s Classics that she had no hope of reading. Yet. Sitting at the Christmas tree, surrounded by dozens of beautiful hardcovers, she was giddy with the potential of one day diving into the pages. That love of words and hunger for stories has never wavered.

Night Drive

by R.J. Meldrum


He woke, disturbed.  The dream had been vivid, violent. Their car had crashed; metal, glass and flesh, all ripped apart.  His mood changed when he saw everything was the same.  The same road, the same darkness.  His wife was still driving, staring out the windshield into the night.

“I just had the strangest dream.”

She didn’t answer.

“I dreamt we crashed.  That we died.”

She turned to look at him.  The front of her face was a bloodied mess, her eyes missing.  Blood oozed out of her wounds.  She grinned with a toothless mouth.

“That was no dream, my love.”

R.J. Meldrum

R.J. Meldrum has been published by Culture Cult Press, Trembling with Fear, Black Hare Press, Smoking Pen Press, Tell Tale Press, and James Ward Kirk. He’s had stories in The Sirens Call eZine, the Horror Zine and Drabblez Magazine.  His novella “The Plague” was published by Demain Press.

Facebook: richard.meldrum.79

Ava Montes

Ava Montes started drawing “seriously” when she was ten years old and hasn’t stopped since.

Dawn Knox

Dawn’s first success was with a short horror story published in a charity anthology entitled Shrouded by Darkness in 2006 published by Telos Publishing. Several years later, she had a Young Adult book (Daffodil and the Thin Place) and a single author anthology of speculative fiction stories (Extraordinary), published as well as several historical romances, set mainly during and between the two World Wars.


Paranormal Romance stories for LOCKDOWN.


Fantasy stories for LOCKDOWN.

Stuart Conover

Stuart Conover is a father, husband, rescue dog owner, horror author, blogger, journalist, horror enthusiast, comic book geek, science fiction junkie, and IT professional. With all of that to cram in on a daily basis, it is highly debatable that he ever is able to sleep and rumors have him attached to an IV drip of caffeine to get through most days.


Fantasy stories for LOCKDOWN.

DEEP SPACE – Volume 1

Travel through the universe discovering the possibilities of the unknown and exploring the infinite worlds of the future…and sometimes the past.