by Chris Bannor


For three days my brother and I ran.  We screamed, pushed and pulled, and fought until we were free.  We were both drained, and the house had seemed safe enough.  Distant enough.

They crept in while we slept.

My brother opened his eyes moments after me and I could see the fear.  He heard them too.  There was no escape this time.

“The gun has two bullets,” he whispered.  I’d lied.  There was one.

He was too soft-hearted to pull the trigger anyway, so he never knew.  I was the only one left alive when the zombies began to feast.


Chris Bannor

Chris Bannor is a speculative fiction writer who lives in Southern California. Chris learned her love of genre stories from her mother at an early age and has never veered far from that path. You can follow Chris on Facebook @chrisbannorauthor


by Evan Baughfman


They returned with a vengeance, with a hive mind sharing a singular goal:  the eradication of the human race.

They came back bigger than before. Meaner. Angrier.

They had every right to be furious with us, of course.

We’d let them all die. Ignored scientists’ warnings for decades. Caused the creatures’ untimely demise with habitat loss and pesticides.

Now, their swarms were massive and many. They attacked with two-inch-long, mutant stingers. Their venom rotted our brains. Turned us into bloodthirsty, mindless cannibals.

They’d found a way to exterminate us.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how to exterminate them.

The zombees.

Evan Baughfman

Evan Baughfman is a middle school teacher and author. Much of his writing success has been as a playwright. A number of his scripts can be found at online resources, Drama Notebook and New Play Exchange. Evan also writes horror fiction and screenplays. More information is available at his website

An Honest Review

by Galina Trefil


Centuries ago, he’d killed her.

She hadn’t let it go.  Skulking in the back during her book signing, he flipped through the hard copy whose glossy cover was a sensationalized rendition of his medieval portrait. 

Many smear campaigns had been launched against him over time, but he wouldn’t abide one from her, regardless of whether she knew why she was so drawn to hate him.

In the parking lot afterwards, he malingered near her car.  “What do you want?”  She demanded.

“An honest review,” he replied, exposing her throat for the upcoming feast.

Centuries from now, would she write again?

Galina Trefil

Galina Trefil’s work appears in the anthologies “Flock: The Journey,” “First Love,” “Sea of Secrets,” “Coffins and Dragons,” “Organic Ink volume One,” “Curses & Cauldrons,” “Unravel,” “Hate,” “Love,” “Oceans,” “Twenty Twenty,” “Forgotten Ones,” “Suspense Unimagined,” “Mythica,” “Faeries,” “Dark Valentine Holiday Horror Collection,” and “Scary Snippets Valentine Edition.”

Facebook: Rabbi-Galina-Trefil-535886443115467


by Andreas Hort


“Mm, Liam,” purred the raspy voice. “You look so delicious…”


Thunderous footsteps. Dad barged into the room.

“What’s going on? Liam?”


“Again?” Sighing, Dad switched on the light. “Where do you want me to look first?”

Liam wanted him to look in the closet. Empty. Under the bed? Also empty. Outside the window? Nothing.

Liam felt safer; maybe it had only been a dream after all. Dad killed the light, wished Liam goodnight, and left. Liam slid his feet under the covers and closed his eyes.

“So delicious…” Muffled. Under the covers.

Sharp teeth sank into his belly.

Andreas Hort

Andreas Hort resides in the Czech Republic. In his free time, he writes and takes steps toward his goal to move to an English-speaking country. His works have been published in several anthologies. He likes chatting with people with similar interests, so feel free to get in touch:

Charlotte O’Farrell

Charlotte O’Farrell is a horror writer. A lifelong fan of the genre, she aims to share her love of the weird and wonderful with her readers. Her short stories and novellas have appeared in over 25 anthologies and have been adapted into audio dramas for podcasts.

Family Reunion

by Joel R. Hunt


The months after she died felt like a thousand lifetimes, and each one was unbearable without her. When she appeared at the foot of my bed, I knew she had returned to release me from my torment. Her eyes glowed. Her face shone. Her finger beckoned.

God, how I missed her.

“Join me,” she sang.

“Yes, my love,” I answered. I rose, grabbed the nearby razor and snapped it in two. She smiled as my trembling fingers took the blade.

“We’ll be a family again,” I whispered.

I pushed open the door. Walked over to the nightlight.

“All of us.”

Joel R. Hunt

Joel R. Hunt is a writer from the UK who dabbles in the darker aspects of life, particularly through horror, science fiction and the supernatural.

He has been published in a number of short story anthologies (including the Black Hare Press ‘Dark Drabbles’ series), and hopes to have released his own anthology of short stories later this year.

You can find his daily ‘very short stories’ on

You Came to Me

by Paula R.C. Readman


In the depth of a cloudless night, you came to me. Your cheeks all aglow and lips slightly parted.

“A Whiter Shade of Pale” tunelessly ran through my head. I reached for your hands. Cold to the touch, I cared not.

“Come. Lay beside me, my darling, for I shall warm you up.”

Wordlessly, you climbed in. I ignored the odour of decay that perfumed your skin and the worms and dirt that fell from your hair.

As the moonlight shone off my gravestone, I wrapped the shroud around us; glad to have you finally back in my arms again.

Paula R C Readman

Paula R. C. Readman lives in the UK. Her fiction has mainly been published in anthologies in Britain, Australia and America. Overall winner in two writing competitions and soon to have her first crime novella ‘The Funeral Birds’ published by Demain Publishing in February 2020.    


Michael Anthony Dioguardi

Mike teaches and writes in upstate New York. His work has been published by 365 Tomorrows and has been featured or is forthcoming in Close to the Bone, Sirens Call eZine, Dark Dossier, Red Cape Publishing’s E is for Exorcism Anthology, and Black Hare Press’ Lockdown Sci-fi Anthology Series. Tall Tale TV will also be reading one of his stories in an upcoming podcast this summer.

Monica Schultz

Monica Schultz is a High-School Mathematics teacher from Ipswich, Australia, with a passion for writing urban and historical fantasy. Her short fiction is published in various Australian and international anthologies. When she isn’t writing or teaching, Monica enjoys curling up with her cat and a good book. Monica dreams of one day publishing her young adult novel, so she can share her favourite characters with the world. Follow Monica on social media for upcoming works and updates on life’s madness.

The Shape of Darkness

by K.B. Elijah


At first, I thought it was the real estate agent. Who else bothered to come onto the property but Sandy White, her box of cheap biscuits in one hand and annual lease documents in the other?

But Sandy was pink cardigans and curls, not this hunched figure that loomed in the shadows of the moonlit driveway. Why did the shape of its head angle so? Was it just a trick of the darkness that lent it a gaping hole instead of a mouth?

I switched on the headlights, preparing to laugh at myself.

But the thing was wearing my face.

K.B. Elijah

K.B. Elijah writes for various international anthologies, and her work features in dozens of collections about the mysterious, the magical and the macabre. Her own book of short fantasy novellas with twists, The Empty Sky, is available on paperback and Kindle now: see her website at