After the Fall 2

Author: Stephen Herczeg
Series: After the Fall
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Science Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2021
eBook List Price: USD 3.99
Paperback List Price: USD 13.99

Months after escaping the horrifying creatures living in the London underground, Lexi Keely and her small group of survivors find themselves with new challenges as they make their home in Dunsbrough Castle in the South-East of England.

Technology has virtually disappeared.

Food is in short supply.

The gloom brought about by the never-ending cloud cover caused by the asteroid’s impact makes growing anything almost impossible.

A chance sighting of sheep in a field across the mighty Thames River sends the group in search of protein. Arriving on the southern bank, the sheep are not the only wildlife they encounter.

Whilst examining the remains of several of the terrifying aquatic humanoids, a lone survivor of the creatures’ attack stumbles in the group and fuels the group’s nightmares once more.

Drawn to the castle, the creatures invade and kidnap one of Lexi’s group.

Steeling herself, Lexi embarks on a journey to exact revenge and rescue her friend.

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After the Fall by Stephen Herczeg – Launches 9th July 2021

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be? FINISH IT. Don’t give up, don’t stop creating. And stay away from so much beer.

After the Fall by Stephen Herczeg

Knocked out of orbit by a rogue comet, the asteroid Vesta rockets towards Earth, to pass by in a heavenly display of fire. Dubbed the party of the century by the media across the planet, thousands gather in cities to watch the spectacle and party until dawn.

After the Fall 2 by Stephen Herczeg

Technology has virtually disappeared. Food is in short supply. And when one of Lexi's groups is kidnapped, she must steel herself for the journey to exact revenge and rescue her friend.

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War horror

Stephen Herczeg

Stephen Herczeg is an IT Geek, writer, actor, film maker and Taekwondo Black Belt from Canberra, Australia, who has been writing for well over twenty years, with sixteen completed feature length screenplays, and numerous short and micro-fiction stories. Stephen’s scripts, TITAN, Dark are the Woods, Control and Death Spores have found success in international screenwriting competitions with a win, two runner-up and two top ten finishes.

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