I have loved writing for as long as I can remember.

My story ‘Lilies’ was published in Atlantis Short Story Contest’s anthology in October 2018. Without giving a spoiler, ‘Lilies’ is about a young woman who is drawn to perform dark acts in order to assimilate the loss of a dysfunctional relationship.

Another two of my short stories are published in Didcot Writers’ anthologies – ‘The Bright Side’ is available to read in ‘The Most Normal Town in England’ and is about a dystopian English town run by a twisted psychiatrist. Published in ‘Compositions’, ‘Facing The Music’ is an exploration of the relationship between an inmate and someone who should by all accounts hate him.

Check out my author website where you can read many of my short stories for free (including Lilies), writing blog, plus links to my beta reading / critique and health writer services.

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