Arena of Shadows – Six Body-Parts Bleeding…

by John Saxton


A dark shed: arena of shadows.

A heavyset man carefully wraps a severed leg, placing it alongside other limbs.  He adds a bright bow, before wiping bloody hands in matted beard.  With dripping shovel, he approaches the torso.

A female voice: “Santa.  Tea’s ready.”

“Almost done!” booms his jolly voice.

The neatly-written note makes him smile.

“Dear Santa,

Daddy left Mummy!  I usually want lots of parcels, but all I want this Christmas is Daddy back.




Best of both worlds, muses the red-robed figure, as the shovel whispers down on an exposed neck, to grant a child’s wish.


John Saxton

Whilst also writing supernatural chillers for young adults, John Saxton has had over 50 adult short horror stories published in the independent press; including his own collection: ‘Bloodshot’.  He has also placed stories in The Wicked Library and the Terror Tales podcasts. He writes from Yorkshire, England, mainly after dark…


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