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Dunwich Desires

by Beth W. Patterson   “Looks aren’t everything” is sometimes the kindest thing a person feels he or she can say. Society deemed me deformed and inbred, horrified by my colour. I often walked through thunderstorms for company. It took that special someone to desire me, but Yog-Sothoth was not the normal lover. I thought […]

The Darkness Ahead

by Brianna Witte   They came for me—pitchforks sharpened and torches glowing in the dead of night. I stood in front of my wood cabin, watching the townspeople march closer. Closer to the witch that had slaughtered their livestock and dried their crops with her dark, satanic magic. Closer to me—the evil they wanted to […]

Celestial Game

by Abi Marie Palmer   The arrow pierced the angel’s chest. Damien smirked as it plummeted towards the vast grounds of his manor. Now nobody would deny his hunting skills. His catch plunged into the lake. Its limp husk bobbed to the surface, charred but incandescent. An exquisite specimen. When stuffed, it would look impressive […]