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by Rich Rurshell   Buzzing filled the air as swarms of impregnators scoured the colony. The colonists were strewn around the settlement, paralysed, and riddled with eggs. Hosts to the next generation. Sickly moonlight shone from the slick plating of the Prospector strolling through the chaos. It infiltrated the colony’s information network, accessing files documenting […]

A Space Pirate’s Life

by Charlotte Langtree   The ship was like nothing Jasper had seen before. Porous walls secreted a strange substance, and the floor throbbed beneath his feet. Leading his men into a small chamber, he stilled as a sharp hiss erupted. Liquid flew from the wall onto his arm, searing clothes and skin. “This ship’s alive!” […]


by Jen Mierisch   Back then, my job was to strip the corpses and bundle clothes for reuse. I tugged shoes and tossed them towards the heap. On one shoe, a word was written, red dots against green: HELP. Our six-eyed Masters could not see colour. Glancing around, I pried up the insole. The space […]

Artificial Favouritism

by J.M. Faulkner   Ceiling lights flicker. Our cutlery pauses over our plates. The ship is dying, and so are we. It’s coughed out our last, artificial meal for Dad and me; he calls it supper, so I guess it’s The Last Supper. “Don’t be afraid of the dark, Stella.” He thinks I’m frightened because […]

Sinlight Rising

by Kimberly Rei   Sinlight flickered around the planet below—a writhing, ancient welcome. It spiked in beautiful colours, beckoning us to visit. We’d been monitoring the activity for weeks, watching it grow. Two cycles ago, it began watching us. Now it was done watching. It was hunting. I turned and ran down the corridor and […]

Silenced Night

by Constantine E. Kiousis   Colourful lights twinkled around the Christmas tree as muffled screams filled the darkened living room, Marie gawking from a corner as the hulking man stuffed her terrified mother into a huge linen sack before fastening it shut. Hoisting the bag over his shoulder, he glanced towards the girl, moonlight glinting […]

On the Feast of Stephen

by Jean Martin   Under the old king, it would have been the Feast of Stephen, the second day of Christmas. But our new king took us back to the Old Gods and the old ways. As he decreed, nine men and nine women were offered in sacrifice that morning, in the woods, near the […]

Cookies for Santa Claws

by Chanelle Loftness   “You better not cry,” the creature croons. I lie on the kitchen table. The Christmas lights that bind me dig into my skin. They send colours dancing across the kitchen’s walls and illuminate the creviced face of the sharp-toothed and horned creature standing over me. “You better not pout.” Its sharp […]


by Rich Rurshell   On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, four colly birds… If true, then Mother Nature is my true love. I won’t argue with that. I always loved nature.  I’m not sure why I stayed here. Leaving doesn’t seem appropriate. Not while I’m like this. These carrion […]

Yule Dig It!

by Steven Holding   He loathed the season of goodwill, but festive choirs congregating upon his doorstep really got his goat. Red-cheeked warblers, arriving unannounced, expecting pennies for their impromptu performance! Dozing, jarring harmonies awoke him. “The Twelve Days of Christmas”! He grimaced, determined to ignore the lyrical list of gifts being delivered at his […]