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Family Reunion

by Joel R. Hunt   The months after she died felt like a thousand lifetimes, and each one was unbearable without her. When she appeared at the foot of my bed, I knew she had returned to release me from my torment. Her eyes glowed. Her face shone. Her finger beckoned. God, how I missed […]

Five Golden Rings

by Joel R. Hunt   On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five golden rings. I don’t think she meant to. I’d found a similar package under our bed the other night, and it had a new watch inside. I’m certain that was the gift she’d intended for me. This […]

The Ancestor Stone

by Joel R. Hunt   Becoming a man had been harder in my grandfather’s youth, or so he delighted in telling me. The Sacred Forest was wild and overgrown. A boy needed to battle dangerous beasts, avoid poisonous plants, ascend the Ancestor Stone and carve off a piece to present to the tribe. Only then […]