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A Savage Christmas

by Shawn M. Klimek   After two years imbedded with savage, aborigines, the missionary couple radioed that they had finally mastered the tribe’s primitive language.  It being December, the responding resupply package had included, besides the usual toiletries and fresh batteries, greeting cards signed by the church elders, a giftwrapped, gingerbread stable containing a chocolate […]


by Shawn M. Klimek   “It’s a parasitic twin,” Patty said. “It’s ugly, I know. Are you disgusted?” “It’s…” “You hate it, don’t you!” she bawled. “No, I’m just surprised.” “I just wanted there to be no secrets before our wedding,” she said, wiping a tear. “Do you still love me?” I smiled and squeezed […]

Riddle of the Sphinx

by Shawn M. Klimek   “Domesticated dogs came into being after generations of cavemen cross-bred wolves willing to be petted,” Keller lectured. “Two millennia later, wolves are a separate species. Evolution takes practice.” “But why a chimera?” Larkin challenged hotly. “A lion’s head, goat’s body and a serpent tail? That’s not just playing God, that’s […]

A Psi of Relief

by Shawn M. Klimek   Once the mushroom’s psychotropic effects kicked in, Philip and Janice realized they could read each other’s minds.  The thought stream which culminated in their copulation went as follows:  I sense we’re both horny. Horny, not desperate. Screw you, then. Sorry, that just came out. Don’t pity me. Your vulnerability is […]

We’ll Always Have Venus

by Shawn M. Klimek   To humanity’s great relief, the aliens who had arrived by warp-gate were not conquerors, but law-abiding capitalists who had come hoping to develop our system’s underutilized real estate. In exchange for forfeiting Earth claims to Mars, they proposed to make Venus habitable for human expansion—a price too good to refuse. […]

The Hot Bunk

by Shawn M. Klimek   Lieutenant Kent ached. His leaden eyelids fluttered as he struggled to focus on the faces above him. “How are you feeling, Lieutenant?” asked Doctor Horn. “Dying,” Kent croaked. “The symbiote is weakening, too,” said Horn. “Both of you are dangerously sleep deprived.” “The symbiote has been communicating with us every […]