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Liquid Diet

by Steven Holding   Fluids feed us, true enough, but not all rely upon the claret for sustenance. Divergent breeds born with differing needs; consequently, some thirst for more…eclectic refreshment. The Lachrymose relish the taste of tears, breaking a heart or an arm before a feast. A Perspiration Prince favours the flavours of an athlete’s […]

Pin This Picture Upon the Refrigerator

by Steven Holding   Furious scratching as crayon scrapes paper. Daughter is immersed in art; screwed-up face displaying utter concentration. “Whaddaya doodling?” Attention shifts from the multi-coloured masterpiece. “Silly! Drawing everyone in our house!” Such effort warrants closer inspection. Leaning in, father finds the four people depicted puzzling. “Who’s that?” Upturned pencil marks an invisible […]