Writers share a need. Putting down on paper the many stories that swirl inside their minds.

I’m no different.

Since childhood, I’ve doodled characters and imagined adventures for them. Or more accurately, I’ve let them tell me on what quests they wanted to embark.

Without the support of my husband, my stories would still be just floating around in my head. Many of them still are, but I plan on catching them one after the other. Although, I expect it will be a Sisyphean endeavor. The sneaky things tend to multiply on me.

The joy of writing resides in the sharing, in the ability to create an emotion in another soul (hopefully not boredom).

I write mainly Science-Fiction. The genre allows creating unique situations to explore the human condition.

I’ve lived in France, Australia, and the USA. Travels are an essential part of my life and an endless source of inspiration.

Apart from Black Hare Press publications, my stories can be found in The Arcanist and the Exoplanet Magazine.

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