Whispers in the Dark by K.B. Elijah

Two decades into an eternal sentence in the impenetrable Void for daring to rebel against the might of the Empire, and Agent Ivory is ready to give up on life entirely, even if the unseen Warden of the prison won’t ever let him die.

The Return by Gabriella Balcom

The world doesn’t know about the compound hidden underground, and the wealthy investors funding it want things to stay as they are. Although it’s 2027 with numerous scientific advances having been made, most of the research being conducted in the facility is illegal. If animal rights activists had an inkling of what went on, they’d clamour for justice. Human rights’ activists would scream from the rooftops.

Underworld Games by Jonathan D. Stiffy

Zach Perry is in trouble.
He got caught up in a most dangerous game in the flood tunnels beneath the streets of Las Vegas—a high-stakes game he played and lost.

Place of Caves by Charlotte O’Farrell

There’s something rotten under Nottingham.
Something demonic.

After the Fall by Stephen Herczeg

Knocked out of orbit by a rogue comet, the asteroid Vesta rockets towards Earth, to pass by in a heavenly display of fire. Dubbed the party of the century by the media across the planet, thousands gather in cities to watch the spectacle and party until dawn.

Beyond Human by Matthew A. Clarke

It was supposed to be a simple rescue mission: secure the doctor and return to the surface. A task that Nade Wilhelm and Pip Damon of ALPHA Team could be forgiven for considering beneath them. But there are things thriving in the underground facility that would have been better off undiscovered.

The Fall of Pacifica by M. Sydnor Jr.

Three-hundred years after an alien invasion, the remnants of human society thrive in Pacifica, an underground colony on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. During a routine trip topside to look for supplies, two men go missing, while another contracts a virus from the surface and unknowingly unleashes a contagion upon the colony.

The Gate to the Underworld by E.L. Giles

“It was only a matter of time before its possession of me was complete and irreversible. Thinking I could escape it was but sheer madness, and the lull even more painful…”

Those of the Light by Nicola Currie

What if death is only the beginning? When Frank awakes inside a crematorium furnace only to fall deep into the earth below, he learns his life is far from over.

Time’s Abyss by James Pyles

Something has gone horribly wrong on Piller Island. Maverick industrialist, Theodore Falkon, commissioned famed physicist, Carson Everett, to build a revolutionary device—a projector that can open up a doorway to anywhere, the crossroads to infinity. But once activated, Falkon’s hubris results in the Ka’ala effect, causing a global disaster.