The Dream Merchant by Joel R. Hunt

The dream merchant couldn’t complain; business had never been better. Everyone knew he supplied only the richest and sweetest of dreams.

What fewer customers realised was that stocks had been running low for months. He had started using his own dreams to keep up with demand.

As he refilled the empty storeroom, his daughter ran in with a smile.

“I want to help,” said the girl, holding out a glowing sphere. The bright dream of a child.

The merchant cupped his daughter’s hands and closed them.

“No,” he said, “I only sold my dreams so that you could keep yours.”

The Kid-napper by Stuart Conover

Josh never thought that he would be a kid-napper.

Yet when properly motivated, he’d do anything.

They knew just how to manipulate him.

No one really believed that it was a Satanic cult that lived at the edge of town.

Now he knew better.

The authorities didn’t seem to believe him that they had taken Stacey.

It didn’t make sense, until the Sheriff pulled him aside and revealed the truth.

He was part of it.

They needed his access to the kids.

She’d go free with his help.

Because of this, Josh ended up here.

Surrounded by thirteen baby goats.