D.J. Elton currently lives in Melbourne’s inner west and, when not writing or doing equally exciting things associated with pushing a pen, spends time working in community healthcare, and frequenting meditation retreats.

In an earlier life, she wanted to live in northern India as it’s a regular travel place, but the pull of Melbourne is stronger these days, so she’s here and happy.

Since upping her creative output in the past couple of years, she is favouring short stories and even shorter short stories, (drabbles!) and also writes poetry.

Her genre is fantasy, which is often historical, and then there is also memoir-that-looks-like-fiction. She appreciates the humour in all things, including dallying with her close friends, and animal and plant whispering. Recent works have been included in Black Hare Press anthologies; Angels, Beyond and Unravel, and a novella, ‘The Merlin Girl’ published in 2018.

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