DEEP SPACE – Volume 2

Author: Various Authors
Series: Deep Space, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2019
Paperback ISBN
List Price: 22.99 USD
eBook Price: 7.99 USD

Travel through the universe discovering the possibilities of the unknown and exploring the infinite worlds of the future…and sometimes the past.

Eight talented authors bring you a dynamic collection of science fiction and space epics in one amazing collection.


Homeward by James Pyles
For over seventy years, a mystery object has been in orbit around Uranus. Now the Russian and American crew aboard the deep space vessel Komarov-Chaffee is hours away from rendezvous, but will the five space travellers encounter aliens, humans, or both?

Wait out the Storm by Chris Bannor
Tears for Crius by E.L. Giles
The Space Tape by M. Sydnor Jr.
Mothership by S.O. Green
Planet9 by Simon J. Plant
The Mystery Killer Of Cats by Ziaul Moid Khan

Meatus by Hari Navarro
A space-station. A slaughterhouse.
A place of drudge where Elitha Doriss Reed straddles the canyon of screams and gets off as its ruddy tide sloshes down and into the sumps.
Twin ever-grinding millstone wheels of O’Neill, rotating in melancholy silence.