Joshua D Taylor is a writer in his thirties who started writing a few years ago when he realized he was too old to play make-believe. He lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and a one-eared cat where he works as a lab tech.  He enjoys gardening, comic books, ska-punk music, Disney World, and traveling with his wife. Raised during weirdness that was the late 20th century Josh’s eclectic interests produce eclectic works. He loves to mix-n-match things from different genres and stories elements to achieve a madcap hodgepodge of the truly unexpected. Josh strives to take old ideas and twist them into something new and unusual.  And sometimes he succeeds. Josh writes for the thrill of it but would be happy for any glory sent his way.  His short story ‘the Obelisk’ appears in Salty Tales by Stormy Island Publishing.

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