JOSHUA D. TAYLOR started writing a few years ago when he realised he was too old to play make-believe. He lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and a one-eared cat. He enjoys gardening, comic books, ska-punk music, Disney World, and traveling with his wife.

Raised during weirdness that was the late 20th century, Josh’s eclectic interests produce eclectic works. He loves to mix-n-match things from different genres and story elements to achieve a madcap hodgepodge of the truly unexpected.


BEYOND, Black Hare Press, 2019

DEEP SPACE, Black Hare Press, 2019

WORLDS, Black Hare Press, 2019

MONSTERS, Black Hare Press 2019

APOCALYPSE, Black Hare Press 2019

YEAR ONE, Black Hare Press 2019


Salty Tales, Stormy Island Publishing, 2019

Fated, Stormy Island Publishing, 2019

Fear and Fables, Stormy Island Publishing, 2019

Divinity, Iron Faerie Publishing, 2019

Mythica, Iron Faerie Publishing, 2020

Faerie, Iron Faerie Publishing, 2020

Forest of Fear, Blood Song Books, 2019

Harvest 2, Blood Song Books, 2020

Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights, Things from the Well Publications, 2019

Mother Ghost’s Grimm Vol. 1, NBH Publishing, 2019

Athena, Dastaan World Publishing, 2020

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