Joshua Gessner is a full-time college student, enrolled under the English major at his local community college. He is nineteen years old, and lives with his family in Manchester, New Hampshire. He has had the dream of becoming a full-time author ever since the age of eight. He reads many stories of all varieties, as often as he can. From Stephen King to Ernest Hemingway, to Margaret Atwood, you’ll always find him reading. However, he is keen to enjoy any entertainment as well, whether it be movies, games, television shows, swimming, or hiking. Joshua also loves to spend time with his friends and family, and often shares his stories with them too.

He often writes horror and psychological thrillers, which people are often surprised about because he is so often happy and fun-loving, but he enjoys writing in almost every genre there is! He hopes to someday settle down in Seattle, Washington where he can enjoy all the rain and life around him.

Joshua Gessner has been published for the first time ever in January of 2020, and was published again one month later in February of 2020! He now continues working diligently on his craft, hoping to enter literary contests. In the near future he also hopes to publish: novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry!

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