Leanbh Pearson lives on Ngunnawal Country in Canberra, Australia. An LGBTQI dark fiction author, inspired by folklore, archaeology and the environment, her fiction features in numerous anthologies. She has judged the Australian Shadows Awards and Aurelias Awards, is a recipient of an AWHA mentorship and occasional convention panellist. When not writing, she enjoys exploring the Australian wilderness accompanied by her dogs (the canine assistants). Leanbh’s alter-ego is an academic in archaeology, evolution, and prehistory.

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The Horned God

by Leanbh Pearson   Sheep bleated piteously. Cattle chewed stalks of hay. The farmer didn’t care about matted fleece or visible ribs. In the woods beyond the farm, someone cared. Cernunnos, wild god and protector of animals, sought vengeance. Silhouetted against the moon, he towered over the farmer, antlered head lowered. “Never abandon your herds […]

Eldritch & Ether

Beautiful, heartfelt poetry from international poets

The Näcken’s Music

by Leanbh Pearson   The musician sat beside the hearth, clothing threadbare and hair unkempt. “Don’t ask me to play. I cannot resist.” Men laughed, eyeing the wretch. “You something special then?” He lifted the battered fiddle. “A Näcken was drowning children in a brook. If I answered his three questions, he’d gift this instrument […]

Leanbh Pearson

Leanbh Pearson lives in Canberra, Australia. A dark fiction author inspired by mythology, folklore, archaeology, history, and the environment, her short fiction features in anthologies from international publishers.

Bluebells by Leanbh Pearson

Anna’s strength is tested when she follows Nicolas—a vampire—from the safety of her home, determined to learn her brother’s fate. A steamy dystopian thriller from Leanbh Pearson.

13 Lives of Alice

After consulting the grimoire of her 17th century Scottish ancestor, Izzy starts down a dark path to resurrect the man she loves and accidentally killed.