Author: Various Authors
Series: Lockdown Sci-Fi, Book 8
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2024
List Price: 10.99 USD
eBook Price: FREE (Selected Stores)

Science Fiction adventure stories for LOCKDOWN.

Featured Authors 

The Shift by Benjamin DeHaan
You Can Drink to Success by Christopher T. Dabrowski
The Button by Christopher T. Dabrowski
Care by Eric Fomley
Hangar 57 by Eric Fomley
Decoy by Eric Lewis
The Results of the V.A.R.R. by Gabriella Balcom
Mind Patch by J.F. Garrard
Designing Fate by J.F. Garrard
Exodus by John Andrew Karr
The Way Forward by Karen Bayly
To Hear the Call by Kimberly Rei
Pan by Mason H. Hilden
To Have and To Hold by Nerisha Kemraj
The Ice Storm by Stephanie Scissom
Last Breath Day by Stephen G. Parks
There Is No Free Lunch by T.M. Morgan