• $1 USD per acceptance.
  • Up to 10 acceptances per pen name.
  • First three to 10 get a $10 Amazon voucher.
  • First to 10 also gets a paperback copy of the final product.
  • One email, one drabble. We won’t look at submissions with more than one drabble, as we don’t have time to extrapolate them into the read process.
  • Blind submissions for the actual manuscript, please.
  • Reprints are OK, but we’ll have no space for “First Published” acknowledgements, so please check your obligations with previous publishers first (if your first publisher is BHP, then you automatically have permission, as long as it wasn’t published in the last 12 months).
  • No simultaneous submissions, please.
  • Include a bio of no more than 15 words, plus one link << this is really important. Don’t include links to retailers (ie Amazon) as the books get rejected when they have retailer links. If you want to include one, we suggest you set up something like linktr.ee (here’s ours: linktr.ee/blackharepress) or bio.site (here’s ours:  bio.site/blackharepress)
  • Theme: Murderous/evil/sly bunnies and hares. NB: Doesn’t have to be about Easter specifically.
  • Genre: Must be dark, but any genre, including (not an exhaustive list): horror, science fiction, LGBTQ+, romance/ steamy/erotic horror, cosmic, speculative, fantasy.
  • Submit to: darkdrabbles@blackharepress.com.
  • Will be available in: Paperback, hardcover, and digital.
  • Publication Date: circa April 2023