Sandy Butchers was born to Dutch parents as the youngest of two sisters. After having spent most of her childhood in The Netherlands, she developed a hunger for exploration and traveling. In only 5 years time, she visited Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Portugal, and decided to live in Finland for a bit more than a year.

All this happened after she had finished and published her first novel at the age of 14. A smalltown, local publisher picked up her story and fell in love with it, enabling Sandy to join the select company of the youngest authors in the country at the time.

After this, the writing never stopped. While she studied at the Art Academy in Rotterdam, she wrote articles for magazines, short fiction in an artist collaboration collective, and started a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. But her first debut in the international writer’s world was with a 100-word drabble in a Fantasia Divinity anthology.

The snowball-effect kicked in, and within several months, the drabbles turned into longer stories that were picked up by international publishers. This is when she started to work on her own novel, which is also the main project she is currently working on.

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