DEEP SPACE – Volume One

DEEP SPACE – Volume One

eBook: $7.99
Series: Deep Space, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction

Travel through the universe discovering the possibilities of the unknown and exploring the infinite worlds of the future...and sometimes the past.

Twenty talented authors bring you a dynamic collection of science fiction and space epics in one amazing collection.

A cadet onboard her colony’s last hope for survival must overcome her tragic loss and endure the extremities of cargo hauling in Deep Space, or suffer the same fate as her unlucky crewmates.

A translator on the only exploratory spacecraft funded by a reality TV show dodges the constant cameras while her crewmates grind the gossip gears. She spends the one-way trip piecing together the secret of their destination and finds more than the answer to her life-long search for belonging.

Earth is but a dire souvenir for those old enough to remember it. When Captain Ericson's ship crashed on an unknown planet, seemingly sharing the same properties as Earth, he thinks he has made the greatest discovery of all time: a new home to mankind. That is until the planet reveals its darkest secrets.

Cybernetically enhanced trooper Dared Locke (codename Dreadlock) and his team are sent in to bring a known terrorist leader and xeno-biologist Professor to justice, but they find creatures beyond imagination that lead them to a final confrontation.

And many more.

Discover who shares the universe with us...because we're not alone...

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