Sue Marie St. Lee was born in Chicago and raised in a small-town, south suburb where life resembled communities like Mayberry, invented hometown of the Andy Griffith Show, or Mayfield, fictitious, quaint suburb where Theodore Cleaver (of the television show, Leave It to Beaver) found himself in trouble more than not.

Leaving the south suburbs for a life-adventure, Sue Marie moved to Canada where she and her husband raised their sons until a sudden, unexpected illness took her husband’s life. She vowed to keep life as stable as possible for the sake of her children. When Black Monday hit, October 19, 1987, with the world-wide stock market crash, she knew she was in trouble and put the family-owned paint production business up for sale. After four years of serving in temporary positions, it was clear that no permanent managerial positions were in her future, at least not in Canada, so she packed up the kids and moved back to the states where she worked as an Office Manager and then Finance Manager until retiring in 2016.

Since that time, Sue Marie has been freelancing, researching, writing content, designing corporate websites and brochures.  Sue Marie has remarried and lives in rural Oklahoma with her husband and Manx cat. She contributes to several blogs, including her own, and ghostwrites for several online companies. She is moving forward to build her portfolio as an indie author.

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