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by Constantine E. Kiousis


Tina swam towards the bluish glow—around her nothing but dark, cold water. Her mind in a fog, she tried to remember how she’d found herself here, but could only grasp at bits and pieces.
She recalled boating a bit off the coast for a nightly scuba-dive. She remembered gearing up and dropping back-first into the black ocean.
Then nothing.
But she didn’t really care.
All that mattered was the light, drawing her like a moth to a flame.
She barely had time to notice the huge opaque eyes hidden behind it, above a gaping maw of elongated, pointy teeth.


Constantine E. Kiousis

Constantine E. Kiousis spends most of his time wandering through the worlds he has created, exploring every nook and cranny and constantly discovering new places and stories that need to be told.
He’s currently plotting new ways to unleash the terrifying tales hiding in his mind upon the world, one word at a time.

Facebook: @KiousisStoryteller