Bloody Mary

by Neen Cohen


She fluttered her bright blue eyes in the lights of the nightclub, taking the drink from his over-eager hands.

“Now leave.”

He turned, eyebrows knitting. Tomorrow he would wonder where all the money went with no hangover to show for it.

“You make us look bad.” Teara shook her head despite her ruby red smile.

“We are bad, T. Still…looking sweet and innocent isn’t our fault.”

“It will catch up, one day.”

“Fantastic. I can’t wait for the next challenge.”

She leaned forward, her cleavage bringing the next victim closer.

Her nails slit through his throat, flavouring the drink.

Neen Cohen

Neen Cohen is an LGTBQI and speculative fiction author. She has a Bachelor of Creative Industries and is a member of the Springfield Writers Group. Neen loves to roam cemeteries and botanic gardens and can be found writing while sitting against a tree or tombstone.