by Dustin Pinney


The last survivor screamed as the creatures brought him to the ground, reached through his flesh, pulled away his lean meat, snapped apart his ribcage, gripped his lungs, and dug out his final breath.

They devoured him without pleasure, leaving nothing but red and bone.

Now, the undead were without purpose. The Earth forced them from the soil to consume and cleanse its surface of the dangerous parasites threatening to destroy it. The task was completed.

The ground opened up. The saviours of Earth collapsed and were welcomed back into their final resting places.

All was as it should be.

Dustin Pinney

Dustin lives and writes in upstate New York. He has been more involved with zombie things than he ever expected and is surprised by how much he enjoys it.

Cosmic Horror

by Dustin Pinney


Ray saw the asteroid long before anyone. He understood, has always understood, that space, with all its wonders, wants us dead.

For years he searched the sky for the one constellation missed by vast generations of stargazers, the sum of the Zodiac, the sinister face scowling at mankind.

On a ridge in San Pedro de Atacama, the cosmic clockwork came into view, a billion points of blazing light sneering on the little man facing it down in defiance.

The rock spat from the mouth of the cosmos barreled towards him. Trembling with rage, Ray said, “No.”

And the universe blinked.


Dustin Pinney

Dustin lives and writes various kinds of things in upstate New York. He is both inspired and terrified by outer space.

He has published short horror, sci-fi and fantasy stories in both print and online venues, as well as dozens of articles for and His screenwriting work has produced several short fan films, commercials for Marina Vape, and content commissioned by New Japan Pro-Wrestling.