First Job

by Adam S. Furman


Today’s the first day of my career.

I drop my equipment and scramble to set up.  It’s hard, finding a paying job.  Damn near impossible with AI taking everything from trade and manufacturing to finance and retail.  Traditional entertainment is all but repetitive.  Stories and music have all been done ad nauseam.

Few jobs can earn you a living wage in this competitive market of robots and automatons.  Thank God for the Internet and streaming.  I set up my tripod and hop onto my bed.   I unzip my pants and remove my clothes.

Today’s the first day of my career.


Adam S. Furman

Adam S. Furman lives in rural Illinois with his family which includes a lot of kids (like…a lot). He generally writes science fiction.

Readers can connect with him on twitter @AdamSFurman.