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by Belinda Brady


“Fancy a drink?” Dave asks.

“I’m teleconferencing with head office soon, so not tonight,” Jillian replies.

“Don’t work too hard then.” He smiles, exiting the gazebo with a laugh.

The discovery of a mummy at the dig site was unexpected and moving it was complicated, requiring daily overtime from an exhausted Jillian.

She slumps back in her chair, closing her eyes briefly. Movement outside the gazebo makes her jump, just as a hand closes around her throat.

Jillian wakes in darkness, underneath something dusty and rotting. Horrified, she realises she’s in the mummy’s coffin.

That same hand strangles her screams.


Belinda Brady

Belinda is passionate about stories and after years of procrastinating, has finally turned her hand to writing them, with a preference for supernatural and thriller themes; her love of both often competing for her attention. She has had several stories published in a variety of publications, both online and in anthologies. Belinda lives in Australia with her family and has been known to enjoy the company of cats over people.