Lady in White

by Harry J. Canis


“Headless horse-riding monk! Really?”

Harry gazed into the flames “It’s true! And then there’s the Lady in White story.”

The group of teenagers looked uneasily at each other. The Abbey ruins were spooky enough at night, without ghost stories.

“She promised her only love that she’d walk this trail every day until he returned from a voyage. He never did. Legend says she still walks here, waiting. Anyone who blocks her path dies.”

“The path we are sitting on?”

Harry grinned “Yep!”

Police found all but one of the missing group, dead beside a burnt-out fire, seawater in their lungs.

Harry J. Canis

Harry J. Canis is a writer based in the beautiful English Lake District. You can often find him running or hiking within the area and being immersed in nature. His genre is Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror, with strong environmental and natural survival themes. Within his writing, he tries to bring an understanding that our planet is precious and needs our care and respect.

Lady in White

by A.R. Johnston


I slowly walked toward the river, fireflies dancing in front of me. The magic on the air—it was almost tangible. I loved it and I wanted more.

The moon reflected off the river as I approached, the mist rose from it. I watched as the mist started to take form. I was spellbound as a woman in a white dress came to be. The most gorgeous figure I had ever seen.

I knew things would never be the same. I smiled, she smiled back holding her hand in offering. She was a signal of death. Mine was upon me.


A.R. Johnston

A.R. Johnston is a small town girl from Nova Scotia, Canada. Her style of writing is considered Urban Fantasy.She participates in NaNoWriMo, won a Live Write and a contest for a “kiss scene” included in a novel of a best selling Indie author in 2018. Lover of coffee, horror flicks, and reader of books. She pretends to be a writer when real life doesn’t get in the way. Pesky full time job and adulting!