Spreading My Wings

by Annie Percik


I have been waiting so long. The hour at last approaches when I can take my place amongst the celestial host. They have watched me grow and waited to welcome me into their ranks. They smile, opening their arms and their hearts to me, unaware of my true nature. Their innocence will be their undoing. Their radiance sickens me, stifling the dark violence lurking within my breast. Once I hold my rightful place, I can unleash it and extinguish their holy light.

The time is upon me. The moment I have been awaiting. I spread inky wings and take flight.


Annie Percik

Annie Percik lives in London with her husband, Dave, where she is revising her first novel, whilst working as a University Complaints Officer.  She writes a blog about writing and posts short fiction on her website (  She also publishes a photo-story blog, recording the adventures of her teddy bear (  He is much more popular online than she is.  She likes to run away from zombies in her spare time.