Under Ground

Author: Steven Streeter
Series: Underground
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2021
eBook List Price: USD 3.99
Paperback List Price: USD 12.99

It started with a kiss…

A kiss that ended badly…with the whole world opening up.


When the community hall is swallowed by a sinkhole in outback Australia, it’s up to Shawn and Madison to save their friends. But the people in the hall have all been taken. The lizard creatures who live under the ground want them. And what are these other strange denizens of the caves and caverns who are also after them?

Shawn and Madison face a race against time to stop their friends from becoming the latest meal for the lizards and their queen.

Eldritch & Ether

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Under Ground by Steven Streeter – Launches 12th November 2021

The world knows so little about the Outback that it seems logical that you can throw monsters and creatures there, and they can go undiscovered for the pathetic amount of time Europeans have lived here. The Indigenous Peoples knew about many creatures, but they are dismissed. But…what if…?

Under Ground by Steven Streeter

It started with a kiss... A kiss that ended badly. And then the whole world opened up.