Author: Various Authors
Genre: Dark Children’s Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2022
List Price: TBA
eBook Price: 4.99 USD

What creatures frequent the lush greens of the Common, hide in the undergrowth, reside underground?

From zombie fairies, to hoblots and kerplimes. Land sharks and lunasplotches. Why not start your journey with “Perkins’ Short Guide to the Beasts of Wimbledon Common” by Kayleigh Maddocks? Then you might just know what awaits you in the borders…

An amazing array of stories and poems from authors worldwide—for young readers aged 8 to 12.

WARNING: Not suitable for scaredy-cat adults.

Sales will benefit The Smith Foundation

At The Smith Family, we believe that education is one of the world’s most powerful change agents. That’s why we focus on helping young Australians to overcome educational inequality caused by poverty.


A Carnival at Wimbledon Common by Jodie Angell
The Wimbledon Witches’ Fete by Karen Bayly
Scientists by Christy Brown
The Disgraced Jujuboo by Dawn Burdett
Dragon Breath by Maggie D. Brace
Mischievous Deeds by Maggie D. Brace
No Fairyland by Tracy Davidson
Plight of the Kerplimes by Dawn DeBraal
Miles Merk, Random and the Dragon by D.J. Elton
Lucy’s Rabbits by Megan Feehley
Creatures of the Dark by J.W. Garrett
When Darkness Falls by J.W. Garrett
Don’t Linger on the Shore by Gabby Gilliam
Living Confections by Rachel Ginsburg
When Curiosity Saved the Cat by Henry Herz
Benefit of the Doubt by Kevin Hopson
Poster Children by L.N. Hunter
The Sprites of Wimbledon Common by Isabelle Johnson
The Hoblots Under the Windmill by Stephen Johnson
The Amethyst Eye by Blaise Langlois
The Puppet Men by Steven Lord
Perkins’ Short Guide to the Beasts of Wimbledon Common by Kayleigh Maddocks
Ms Sundew by Laura Nettles
Trigger Tree by Carl Palmer
A Bargain of Shadows by Leanbh Pearson
Grace’s Kingdom by Leanbh Pearson
Don’t Dare Go to Wimbledon Common at Night by Lynne Phillips
I Don’t Believe in Goblins by Lynne Phillips
The World You Cannot See by Hazel Ragaire
Shrink Wrap by N.E. Rule
Merlin, Me and the Shiny Noollab by A.H. Syme
Night on the Common by D.J. Tyrer
The Wimbledon Wyvern by D.J. Tyrer

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