Author: Various Authors
Series: Pandemic, Book 1
Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: B07Z38D57B
Paperback ISBN: TBA
List Price: 15.99 USD
eBook Price: 4.99 USD

Stacey by A.S. Charly

Stewardess Stacey finds you can have all kinds of experiences on an airplane. Unfortunately, not all of them are as fun as encountering hot passenger, Tommy. After being involuntarily off work, she’s forced to see the whole situation from a more down-to-earth point of view, finding not everything has to be as dire as it seems.

Isobel and Shen by Blake Jessop

Isobel Pang and Dr. Wei Shen are on opposite sides of the front lines; the BBC journalist believes the exhausted doctor might reveal the true scope of the pandemic. Working together leads to trust, and even friendship… but can they spread the truth before the virus catches up to them?

Jason Wells by Brian MacGowan

Recently divorced school bus driver Jason Wells is heading back to the US after his holiday in the UK. While en route to Chicago O’Hare he meets exotic Li Liu, who has a fear of flying. As a token of appreciation Li gives Jason a perfume bottle, which she claims is homeopathic to strengthen the immune system.

Lily by D.M. Burdett

Following the death of her father to an infection that ravages through every country on Earth, Lily Sullivan must overcome obstacles in a new, dangerous world to get her remaining family to safety.

Ben Davidson by David Bowmore

When Ben Davidson is invited on a stag weekend at the last minute, he is determined to enjoy himself.

Upon returning home, he’s forced into a quarantine centre—the start of a series of disastrous events that result in him being handcuffed to a hospital bed.

Nigel by Gregg Cunningham

Nigel never was a big fan of travelling with the unwashed masses, the only thing he was a fan of was getting tanked up on ale and watching his beloved team on the terraces. So, when things start going to hell in a handcart after he returns to London from a trip overseas, Nigel must decide whether to self-quarantine in a City in lockdown, or make a dash for the for the tranquillity of the countryside.

Sam the Coder by Jacob Baugher


Erin by Lannah Marshall

Erin Gallagher is an English teacher, fleeing the life she made in China after the birth of her son, Jian. A shell of the woman who left to pursue her dreams, Erin now longs for peace of mind and a place where the eyes will stop staring. Unfortunately for her, a pandemic breaks out and she needs the strength that had left her long ago.

Alex Logan by Pamela Jeffs

Alex Logan, suspended British RAF Pilot, is screwed up in the head. Suffering from PTSD, he wants nothing more than to be allowed to fly again. But a meeting with a military physiologist and the ghost of his best friend stands in his way-that and a deadly virus which takes no prisoners.

Milton Fine by P.A. O’Neil

Milton Fine travelled the globe, but his world consisted of his family and associates. When he takes time for inner reflection it causes him to miss the bigger picture, putting his and the larger world in danger.

Tommy by Rich Rurshell

Tommy likes to enjoy life. No matter what. Spare no expense… No matter whose expense it is at.

Tommy won’t let the sniffles stifle his enjoyment, let alone a quarantine.

Foster March by Shawn M. Klimek

Lovesick Foster March is feverishly eager to reunite with his long-distance girlfriend, little expecting that she plans to greet him with tough medicine. Can some good come out of a deadly pandemic?

Tony Grant by Stephen Herczeg

Even the most mild-mannered man will seek revenge when wounded. As the global pandemic strikes, Tony Grant sees the virus as the perfect weapon for retribution.

Including sudden fiction from:-

Every day at 3:15pm by Peter J. Foote

The Race by Erica Schaef

Retreat by David Green

The Trading Post by Rowanne S. Carberry

Geoff’s Germs by Stephen Christie