Carnival Nights

by Trisha Ridinger McKee

Patsy was plain and blended…
January 24, 2020/by Trisha Ridinger McKee

The First Bite

by Jodi Jensen

Lush, full, delicious lips were all…
January 22, 2020/by Jodi Jensen

The Day I Died

by Clint Foster

There was no warning before I died.
January 20, 2020/by Clint Foster


by Annie Percik

I am a light in the darkness, obscured…
January 19, 2020/by Annie Percik

The Power of Love

by Paula R.C. Readman

“The first bite is as powerful…
January 13, 2020/by Paula R. C. Readman

The Cautious Predator

by G. Allen Wilbanks

These children have no appreciation…
January 9, 2020/by G. Allen Wilbanks

Liquid Diet

by Steven Holding

Fluids feed us, true enough, but…
January 9, 2020/by Steven Holding

Hard Wood

by Hari Navarro

The tip of his stake pushes the cloth…
January 6, 2020/by Hari Navarro

Beware the Plastic Teeth

by D.J. Elton

Brian sighed. Halloween props for tonight.…
January 4, 2020/by D.J. Elton

Thanks, Pop Culture

by Neen Cohen

“You gunna sparkle in the sunlight?”…
January 2, 2020/by Neen Cohen

New Year’s Eve, Party for One: Truth or Dare

by Zoey Xolton

“Dare,” said his exotic drinking…
December 31, 2019/by Zoey Xolton

A Savage Christmas

by Shawn M. Klimek

After two years imbedded with savage,…
December 25, 2019/by Shawn M. Klimek

12 Drummers Drumming

by Rowanne S. Carberry

Claire runs faster. Heart beating…
December 24, 2019/by Rowanne S. Carberry

Eleven Pipers Piping

by Karter Mycroft

I raise my flute with trembling…
December 23, 2019/by Karter Mycroft

Tenth Day

by R.J. Hunt

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my lover…
December 22, 2019/by R.J. Hunt
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