by Jo Mularczyk
“Look Mama, a mermaid!” The child’s…
September 16, 2021/by S. Jade Path

The Näcken’s Music

by Leanbh Pearson
The musician sat beside the hearth,…
September 13, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Was it Plato?

by Avery Hunter
Caked in No-Man’s-Land mud, ears still…
September 6, 2021/by S. Jade Path

The Fog of War

by Warren Benedetto
Jameson surveyed the battle-scarred…
September 3, 2021/by S. Jade Path

The Skittering

by Stephen Herczeg
Insects. After decades of Hollywood…
September 1, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Thank You for Your Service

by Steven Lord
The crosshairs rest just above the target’s…
August 30, 2021/by S. Jade Path


by Pauline Yates
Why’d you bring me home, Jimmy? Couldn’t…
August 27, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Battle of the Bands

by N.E. Rule
On her patio, Linda’s jaw clenches in…
August 24, 2021/by S. Jade Path

My Body

by Marion Lougheed
I float above the body that used…
August 22, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Private Edad

by John Lane
Before the commencement of Operation Overlord,…
August 19, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Abraham and Isaac

by James Rumpel
Daddy, can I have a gun?” asked little…
August 17, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Phoenix Fighters

by Dawn DeBraal
Thousands of them, dead. Commander Helmet…
August 15, 2021/by S. Jade Path


by Darlene Holt
After aliens invaded, war waged against…
August 13, 2021/by S. Jade Path


by Andrew McDonald
The sentry never heard me. I stab…
August 11, 2021/by S. Jade Path

The Body Truck

by Jason Hardy

We find one slumped against a mailbox…
August 9, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Escaping Inferno

by Renee Cronley

Tonight, your locked doors are about…
August 6, 2021/by S. Jade Path

A Quiet Word with the Boss

by L.J. McLeod

The blood was still warm where it coated…
August 2, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Liar, Liar

by S Jade Path

Frantically pulling against her bonds,…
July 29, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Clean Sheet

by Pauline Yates

The Westridge football team walks…
July 27, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Whose Purge is it Anyway?

by Tracy Davidson

He had waited months for this night.…
July 24, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Heavy Lifting

by Marion Lougheed

Damien huffed as he worked his…
July 20, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Rule Three

by N.E. Rule

"We've now covered the two rules to survive…
July 17, 2021/by S. Jade Path

The Blood Purge

by J.M. Faulkner

Pale-skinned girl runs. Pale-skinned…
July 14, 2021/by S. Jade Path

A Deadly Lesson

by Andrew Kurtz

The college professor walked into…
July 12, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Safe and Alone

by Gary Smith Jr.

The size and strength of the house impresses…
July 10, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Show Time

by Liam Hogan

It's the same every night: the waiting,…
July 1, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Snow Flower

by Dorian J. Sinnott

It was when the silver moonlight…
June 29, 2021/by S. Jade Path

Ebenezer’s Corner

by Raven Isobel Plum

When my dog, Ebenezer, stared…
June 28, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Something Old

by Susan Vita

Rosia navigated the aisle alone. She…
June 25, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Witching Hour

by S. Jade Path

The veil is always thinnest on Samhain.
June 24, 2021/by Black Hare Press

The Messenger

by Constantine E. Kiousis

“This it?” Jennifer…
June 21, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Double Betrayal

by Jaycee Durand

Clara trailed her fingertips over…
June 19, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Mercy’s Harp

by Jodie Angell

Mercy’s fingers plucked the harp…
June 18, 2021/by Black Hare Press

In the Dark

by L.J. McLeod

Dark. Cold. Her breath comes in shallow…
June 17, 2021/by Black Hare Press

The Crimson Room

by Stephen Johnson

My eyes opened to a quiet darkness.…
June 15, 2021/by Black Hare Press


by L.T. Ward

The candlelight refracted within the…
June 14, 2021/by Black Hare Press

After the Ascent

by Evan Baughfman

Walter rose above his corpse. His…
June 11, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Passage for Two

by N.E. Rule

Sandra’s knuckles whiten on the steering…
June 7, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Down the Basement

by Jean Martin

My husband always said I was foolish.…
May 19, 2021/by Black Hare Press

The Bus Shelter

by Tracy Davidson

No locals use this bus shelter at…
May 18, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Wasn’t a Ghost

by Evan Baughfman

The door creaked open. Kellan took…
May 16, 2021/by Black Hare Press

St. Mary’s Hospital for Insane

by Jodie Angell

Souls never leave St Mary’s Hospital…
May 15, 2021/by Black Hare Press

The Burial Plot

by Susmita Ramani

Waking, I’ve never experienced…
May 14, 2021/by Black Hare Press


by Alyson Hasson

The doorknob slipped from her grasp…
May 13, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Where Angels Fear

by Kimberly Rei

The churchyard trembled at night.…
May 12, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Hospital Corridors

by Dale Parnell

The nurse at the main desk said my…
May 11, 2021/by Black Hare Press


by S. Jade Path

Her friends had dared her to enter…
May 10, 2021/by Black Hare Press

A Nice Long Soak

by Mike Rader

I heard them climbing the stairs. Tourists.…
May 9, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Where the Dead Things Are

by L.J. McLeod

Wendy hated the morgue. As the hospital’s…
May 8, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Fleeting Fame

by Colleen Anderson

Daiyu gasped. This rare discovery—a…
May 6, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Bartender Lobotomist

by Jodie Angell

A sharp wind whistled through the…
April 26, 2021/by Black Hare Press

The Diner

by Tracy Davidson

Manager and monster struck a truce.
April 25, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Last Words

by John Lane

With zombie apocalypse nonstop on mainstream…
April 24, 2021/by Black Hare Press

The Helpful Attendant

by Stephen Johnson

The neon bulbs flickered, casting…
April 23, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Full Service

by Andrew McDonald

It was 3 a.m. when the 18-wheeler…
April 22, 2021/by Black Hare Press


by Jodi Jensen

“Would you look at this…” Ignoring…
April 21, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Safe Haven

by Michelle Brett

“Call an ambulance. Someone’s…
April 20, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Black Dog

by L.J. McLeod

He’d heard other truckers talk about…
April 19, 2021/by Black Hare Press


by Warren Benedetto
“I’ll have the scrapple,”…
April 18, 2021/by Black Hare Press

The Lay-By

by Liam Hogan

I don't like to stop. The cab fulfils…
April 17, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Little Truck Stop on the Prairie

by Jameson Grey

Gunnars Diner [sic] reeked of rank…
April 14, 2021/by Black Hare Press

One More for the Road

by Blaise Langlois

Route 37 at night is a lonely stretch.…
April 14, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Glassman Had His Reasons

by C.L. Steele

Hunched over, his glass head slid across…
March 31, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Beware of the Talls

by John Lane

Born in a pan of green beef, seventy-five…
March 29, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Unclaimed and Quiet

by Miriam H. Harrison

They had warned us of giants,…
March 28, 2021/by Black Hare Press


by Chris Bannor

They towered above us, blocking out…
March 24, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Sleep Under the Stars

by Bernardo Villela

It was a marvellous night to sleep…
March 23, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Intelligent Life

by N.E. Rule

Khiiki strokes the silky hair through…
March 22, 2021/by Black Hare Press

How Long to Hide

by Joe Buckley

So hard to hide at this size. Even…
March 19, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Gaze Upon a Mountain Face

by Steven Holding

Panting, we reached the summit of…
March 18, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Unfinished Business

by Mendel Mire

“You see now why we need your help,…
March 17, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Huge Mistake

by Evan Baughfman

Dr Moranis grinned as his growth…
March 16, 2021/by Black Hare Press


by S Jade Path

Remembrance Tech’s tour group milled…
March 15, 2021/by Black Hare Press

Mighty Minions

by John H. Dromey

While the house shook like a road…
March 14, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Nerisha Kemraj

“Run, Billy!” Dad said, trying…
March 7, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Meera Dandekar

The dark alley felt more like home…
March 6, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Take It

by Jacqueline Moran Meyer

Dad and I hid underneath…
February 25, 2021/by Anny Saludar

The Tyrant

by Andrew Kurtz

“I have been chosen by the people…
February 24, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Danse Macabre

by Joshua D. Taylor

Max looked around the room that…
February 22, 2021/by Anny Saludar

With Great Power

by Darlene Holt

When CyDocs became a thing, they needed…
February 21, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Colleen Anderson

The layering of nanobytes into…
February 20, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by N.E. Rule

My stomach growls in anticipation of…
February 19, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Rich Rurshell

Dana tore through the Obsidian Plaza…
February 18, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Cool Kids

by S Jade Path

Ren stood on the gore-slicked dancefloor,…
February 17, 2021/by Anny Saludar

News from Sister No1

by Joel R. Hunt

Garzo grabbed my shoulder.
February 16, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Leader of the Pack

by Charlotte Langtree

The woman walked alone.
February 13, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Small Print

by Simon Clarke

Gerry was asleep. His left eyeball…
February 11, 2021/by Anny Saludar

The Rift

by Bernardo Villela

All aboard were awestruck. Creating…
January 30, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Victor Nandi

Blood spattered as bullets tore through…
January 29, 2021/by Anny Saludar

It’s Out There

by Constantine E. Kiousis

David cowered in a dark…
January 27, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Chris Bannor

I did everything by the book, followed…
January 25, 2021/by Anny Saludar

On the Edge of the Map

by Kaitlyn Arnett

It’s supposed to be a joke, marking…
January 24, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Trevor Jess

I toss another green log into the struggling…
January 22, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Rich Rurshell

Buzzing filled the air as swarms…
January 21, 2021/by Anny Saludar

A Space Pirate’s Life

by Charlotte Langtree

The ship was like nothing Jasper…
January 20, 2021/by Anny Saludar


by Jen Mierisch

Back then, my job was to strip the…
January 19, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Artificial Favouritism

by J.M. Faulkner

Ceiling lights flicker. Our cutlery…
January 18, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Sinlight Rising

by Kimberly Rei

Sinlight flickered around the planet…
January 17, 2021/by Anny Saludar

Silenced Night

by Constantine E. Kiousis

Colourful lights twinkled…
December 27, 2020/by Anny Saludar

On the Feast of Stephen

by Jean Martin

Under the old king, it would have been…
December 26, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Cookies for Santa Claws

by Chanelle Loftness

"You better not cry," the creature…
December 25, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Rich Rurshell

On the fourth day of Christmas, my…
December 24, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Yule Dig It!

by Steven Holding

He loathed the season of goodwill,…
December 23, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Up on the Rooftop

by Warren Benedetto

There was something on the roof.
December 22, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Seven Swans A-Swimming

by Ali House

Chloe awoke touching something wet. As…
December 21, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Under the Mistletoe

by Amber M. Simpson

Aaron held Mia in his arms, slow…
December 20, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Nine Ladies Dancing

by Charlotte Langtree

They mesmerised him, nine beautiful…
December 19, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Ten Lords Tumbling

by Kimberly Rei

The mall was three storeys tall, with…
December 18, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Madman’s Song

by Darlene Holt

“On the twelfth night of Christmas,…
December 17, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Twelve Drums

by Maxine Churchman

The drums sounded sweet. Jack…
December 15, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Bot Flies

by Lynne Phillips

Zacji didn’t feel the bites, but…
December 9, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Bernardo Villela

Malcolm awoke confused. Eyes stung…
December 8, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Under Your Skin

by Brandi Hicks

I skitter over skin, searching for…
December 7, 2020/by Anny Saludar

In Control

by Constantine E. Kiousis

The man stood at the edge…
December 6, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The War Earth Won

by Gary Smith Jr.

The world is a better place. Years…
December 5, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Most Natural Thing on Earth

by Gemma Paul

It burns her insides, itching to get…
December 4, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Soul Fungus

by Simon Clarke

Every day as darkness falls and the…
December 3, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Sophie Wagner

“Please!” the hysterical mother…
December 2, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Beauty Mark

by Chisto Healy

Lara had first seen it on her shoulder.…
November 30, 2020/by Anny Saludar

After the Fall by Stephen Herczeg

Knocked out of orbit by a rogue comet, the asteroid Vesta rockets towards Earth, to pass by in a heavenly display of fire. Dubbed the party of the century by the media across the planet, thousands gather in cities to watch the spectacle and party until dawn.
November 28, 2020/by Black Hare Press

The Dancer

by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway

It was the latest craze.…
November 23, 2020/by Anny Saludar

We Are Family

by Nicole Little

I tried to stay calm.
But I could…
November 20, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Patrick Winters

A blonde bombshell was walking…
November 12, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Karen Bayly

“Parasitic arachnoids,” declared…
November 11, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Harikikigaki Has the Answer

by Kelly Matsuura

A weak pulse, lethargy, and fainting…
November 10, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Pirate’s Jewel

by Andrew Kurtz

Max listened as the freak show owner…
November 7, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Freeflint’s Final Escape

by Chris Hewitt

“Hanging is too good for him,”…
November 5, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Red Fleet

by R.A. Goli

The pirates spilled from the docks and…
November 4, 2020/by Anny Saludar

On a Ship, a Black Freighter

by Joachim Heijndermans

We be a happy crew once. There…
October 31, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Vindictive Waters

by Ali House

The attack was swift and merciless. By…
October 30, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Patrick Winters

They'd plucked him from the sea…
October 29, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Greatest Treasure

by Nerisha Kemraj

John Smith's greedy eyes beheld…
October 28, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Key to Keeping a Secret

by David Green

“At last,” Bode cried. “The Fountain…
October 27, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Captain Purge’s Collection of Oddities

by Kelly Matsuura

“Kanami, darlin', you’ll finally…
October 26, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Captain’s Justice

by Melinda Pouncey

Captain Harrington slept with a…
October 25, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Price of Admission

by Michelle Brett

“Shall you give your hand or your…
October 24, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Tracy Davidson

Redbeard chose the wrong island…
October 23, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Execution Dock

by Simon Clarke

Three tides washed over me before…
October 22, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Most Hated Candy

by Nikki DeKeuster

They smashed them. All of them.
October 21, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Nice Night for a Barbeque

by Neen Cohen

Drips of fat dropped through the barbeque…
October 20, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Faerie Things

by Chris Hewitt

Tucked off the main thoroughfare,…
October 19, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Hunting Fae

by Karen Bayly

She watched from the alley, green eyes…
October 18, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Awakening

by Eddie D. Moore

Reed couldn't believe how small…
October 17, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Faerie Etiquette

by Jacqueline Moran Meyer

“Stop,” I yelled, too…
October 16, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Fairies Gotta Eat

by Stephen Herczeg

I found them at the bottom of the…
October 15, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Spoiled Goods

by Zoey Xolton

“Please!” the girl begged. “Let…
October 14, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Destroyed by Silver

by Stacey Jaine McIntosh

The cold lingered, seeping…
October 13, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Poor Charlie

by Hari Navarro

I was sixteen the first time. Never…
October 12, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Cold Blue

by Kelly Matsuura

Celyna examined Davenall's face…
October 11, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Chris Bannor

She held the knife between her teeth,…
October 10, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Infinity Mirror

by Beth W. Patterson

Why is the flora on my family's…
October 10, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Paradise Mobile Estates 2016

by V.A. Vazquez

He sat on the secondhand couch in…
October 9, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Mirror, Mirror

by S.O. Green

The mirror is cracked and the cracks…
October 9, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Midnight Throne

by Rowanne S. Carberry

Blood-stained lips framed by…
October 8, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Everything You Know About Witches

by Warren Benedetto

“Everything you think you know…
October 8, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Torches and Pitchforks

by Raven Corinn Carluk

Gavin glowered at the townfolk…
October 7, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Redecorating Heaven

by McKenzie Richardson

Merlot-hued spatters stain…
October 7, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Old One Breathed

by Scott Wheelock

The people blanketed the ground…
October 6, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Satan’s Butterfly

by Shawn M. Klimek

Spanning the stems of a prickly…
October 6, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Flames of Betrayal

by Paula R.C. Readman

Martha fed more sticks to the…
October 5, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Where’s Margaret?

by Kelly Matsuura

When Wizard Qarmel took to his death…
October 5, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Two Wrongs Don’t Save a Changeling

by K.B. Elijah

Cold winds borne from grey skies whipped…
October 4, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Bloody Mary

by Neen Cohen

She fluttered her bright blue eyes in…
October 3, 2020/by Anny Saludar

To Serve and Obey

by Zoey Xolton

Lucifer languished upon the immense,…
October 2, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Old Switcheroo

by Steven Holding

All it took was one look at her…
October 1, 2020/by Anny Saludar

A Romance in Dunwich

by V.A. Vazquez

There weren't many eligible bachelors…
September 30, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Jacqueline Moran Meyer

Elspeth haunts me. At night,…
September 30, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Whitechapel Rain

by Matthew Wilson

I have had dark moments since I…
September 29, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Midnight at the Gallows

by McKenzie Richardson

The corpse swings on its rope…
September 28, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Author’s Lament

by K.T. Tate

I just wanted a muse. Something unusual…
September 28, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Joshua Gessner

I see a girl, hidden behind a curtain…
September 27, 2020/by Anny Saludar

A Successful Exorcism

by Celestine Trinidad

Father Fernando kept on chanting…
September 26, 2020/by Anny Saludar

We Can Only Fall

by Callum Pearce

Swept down from heaven on the wind…
September 25, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Devourer

by Warren Benedetto

Maslowe stood absolutely still.…
September 24, 2020/by Anny Saludar

On Thunderous Wings

by Zoey Xolton

The eldritch gods of the ever deep stir…
September 23, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Sound from the Moors

by Joel R. Hunt

I cannot describe the sound that emanated…
September 22, 2020/by Anny Saludar

A Thousand Days

by K.B. Elijah

Red lips in a pale face, puckered in…
September 20, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Enemies End

by Karen Bayly

The great witch, Ophesia, sat leaning…
September 20, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Angel, Broken

by  Kelly Matsuura

“Don’t touch me!” Lailah…
September 19, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Death of Heaven

by Lyndsey Ellis-Holloway

His wings were ablaze, the…
September 18, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Miss Scarlet Hood

by Lynne Phillips

Miss Scarlet Hood met a bad wolf…
September 17, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Woodsman

by Chris Bannor

They gave me an axe and sent me to…
September 16, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Protection Racket

by G. Allen Wilbanks

“Grandma, why do you put milk…
September 15, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Jacek Wilkos

I dreamed about this horrible city…
September 14, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Needing to Forget

by David Green

“Why?” Ruby muttered to Nick.
September 12, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Evan Baughfman

Glass slippers sparkled on Cinderella’s…
September 11, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Stormy Little Dream Stealer

by Hari Navarro

I felt the impact as she landed in…
September 10, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Oil Slick

by Evan Baughfman

Glistening, black goo coated the…
September 9, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Brew for Two

by Clint Foster

The thing about potions is, it doesn’t…
September 8, 2020/by Anny Saludar

What He Deserves

by Heather Ewings

“I brought what you wanted.”
September 7, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Water on Canvas

by James S. Austin

Standing in the newly acquired…
September 4, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Jesse Highsmith

Richard's ears crackled loudly…
September 1, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Many Lives of Miss Creant

by Chris Hewitt

Every young witch needs the protection…
August 31, 2020/by Anny Saludar


by Chris Bannor

The night rumbled its greeting as…
August 30, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Dunwich Desires

by Beth W. Patterson

“Looks aren’t everything”…
August 28, 2020/by Anny Saludar

The Darkness Ahead

by Brianna Witte

They came for me—pitchforks sharpened…
August 27, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Celestial Game

by Abi Marie Palmer

The arrow pierced the angel's…
August 25, 2020/by Anny Saludar

Cautionary Steps

by Colleen Anderson

Sergei backed away from the greyish…
August 16, 2020/by Black Hare Press

Bleeding, Blending, An Ending With The Living Dead

by Steven Holding

Slow shuffle, like a senile senior…
August 15, 2020/by Black Hare Press

The Unturned

by Nicole Little

Holing up in this ramshackle cabin…
August 14, 2020/by Black Hare Press


by Dustin Pinney

The last survivor screamed as the…
August 11, 2020/by Black Hare Press

Watch Where You Step

by Jodi Jensen

“Mom! Dad!” Kelly’s shouts were…
August 10, 2020/by Black Hare Press

Time and Decay

by Zoey Xolton

Rayne’s heartbeat thundered in her…
August 9, 2020/by Black Hare Press

New Beginning

by Melinda Pouncey

It began with a worldwide contagion.Warning…
August 7, 2020/by Black Hare Press

The Last One Alive

by Andreas Hort

Every day they trudge around the city…
August 5, 2020/by Black Hare Press


by Paul J Scribbans

“Harry! You promised Dad!”
August 4, 2020/by Black Hare Press


by Maxine Churchman

Sylvia, the bride-to-be, gasped…
August 3, 2020/by Black Hare Press

Kill the Messenger

by Shawn M. Klimek

Kendra hurried back to the shelter…
August 2, 2020/by Black Hare Press

This Is Where It Ends

by Wondra Vanian

Everyone knows where it started.…
July 26, 2020/by Black Hare Press


by Chris Bannor

For three days my brother and I ran. …
May 28, 2020/by Black Hare Press


by Evan Baughfman

They returned with a vengeance,…
May 27, 2020/by Evan Baughfman

An Honest Review

by Galina Trefil

Centuries ago, he’d killed her.
May 26, 2020/by Gabriella Balcom


by Andreas Hort

“Mm, Liam,” purred the raspy voice.…
May 22, 2020/by Andreas Hort

Family Reunion

by Joel R. Hunt

The months after she died felt like…
May 15, 2020/by Joel R. Hunt

You Came to Me

by Paula R.C. Readman

In the depth of a cloudless…
May 14, 2020/by Paula R. C. Readman

The Shape of Darkness

by K.B. Elijah

At first, I thought it was the real…
May 6, 2020/by K.B. Elijah


by Raven Corinn Carluk

Maggie stirred the stew, staring…
May 4, 2020/by Raven Corinn Carluk

Lady in White

by Harry J. Canis

“Headless horse-riding monk! Really?”
May 2, 2020/by Harry J Canis

I Can’t Stand the Rain

by Frances Tate

“And the dreams?” the psychiatrist…
April 28, 2020/by Frances Tate

Night Drive

by R.J. Meldrum

He woke, disturbed.  The dream had…
April 23, 2020/by R.J. Meldrum

Sausage Soup

by Jacob Baugher

When the three sweating golfers in…
April 15, 2020/by Jacob Baugher

Blame it on El Trauco

by Ximena Escobar

Knowing the fate befalling virgins…
April 8, 2020/by Ximena Escobar

Next Time, Take the Stairs

by Nicole Little

My new job has phenomenal perks:…
April 5, 2020/by Nicole Little

The Kiss

by Michael Crow

The bite wasn’t what I expected.…
March 31, 2020/by Michael Crow

The Fliers Club

by James Lipson

“Are you kidding me?”
“I might…
March 18, 2020/by James Lipson

Covert Operation Helsing: Malawi Mission

by Jacob Bowers

“You may have done your research,…
March 18, 2020/by Jacob Bowers

A Shot of Carmilla

by Joachim Heijndermans

Funny, a thing like her being…
March 13, 2020/by Joachim Heijndermans

Weak Timid Afraid

by Kathy Slater Neilsen

Her skin translucent, veins…
March 13, 2020/by Kathy Slater Neilsen

Gift Wrapping

by Glenn R. Wilson

“We’ve gathered here to celebrate…
March 5, 2020/by Glenn R. Wilson


by Maura Yzmore

How long has it been? A century or…
February 29, 2020/by Maura Yzmore

The Party

by Pavi Raman

The Dardanellis threw the best Halloween…
February 27, 2020/by Pavi Raman

Only When I Sleep

by J.W. Garrett

Shana glanced upward. Bits of darkened…
February 23, 2020/by J.W. Garrett

Winter Kiss

by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Nothing is more beautiful…
February 22, 2020/by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt


by Catherine Kenwell

It had been too long. The infernal…
February 19, 2020/by Catherine Kenwell


by Steven Lord

The yearning starts off in the morning…
February 12, 2020/by Steven Lord

Last Call

by Stephanie Scissom

Jackson called at 9:57 a.m. Still…
February 10, 2020/by Stephanie Scissom


by Rich Rurshell

I could see it in his eyes. He knew…
February 9, 2020/by Rich Rurshell

Camponotus Vampiricus

by Robert Bagnall

Doug sharpens Swan Vestas.  Making…
February 9, 2020/by Robert Bagnall

Countess D

by Robin Braid

"The Countess must die," the cry went…
January 29, 2020/by Robin Braid

Carnival Nights

by Trisha Ridinger McKee

Patsy was plain and blended…
January 24, 2020/by Trisha Ridinger McKee

The First Bite

by Jodi Jensen

Lush, full, delicious lips were all…
January 22, 2020/by Jodi Jensen

The Day I Died

by Clint Foster

There was no warning before I died.
January 20, 2020/by Clint Foster


by Annie Percik

I am a light in the darkness, obscured…
January 19, 2020/by Annie Percik

The Power of Love

by Paula R.C. Readman

“The first bite is as powerful…
January 13, 2020/by Paula R. C. Readman

The Cautious Predator

by G. Allen Wilbanks

These children have no appreciation…
January 9, 2020/by G. Allen Wilbanks

Liquid Diet

by Steven Holding

Fluids feed us, true enough, but…
January 9, 2020/by Steven Holding

Hard Wood

by Hari Navarro

The tip of his stake pushes the cloth…
January 6, 2020/by Hari Navarro

Beware the Plastic Teeth

by D.J. Elton

Brian sighed. Halloween props for tonight.…
January 4, 2020/by D.J. Elton

Thanks, Pop Culture

by Neen Cohen

“You gunna sparkle in the sunlight?”…
January 2, 2020/by Neen Cohen

New Year’s Eve, Party for One: Truth or Dare

by Zoey Xolton

“Dare,” said his exotic drinking…
December 31, 2019/by Zoey Xolton

A Savage Christmas

by Shawn M. Klimek

After two years imbedded with savage,…
December 25, 2019/by Shawn M. Klimek

12 Drummers Drumming

by Rowanne S. Carberry

Claire runs faster. Heart beating…
December 24, 2019/by Rowanne S. Carberry

Eleven Pipers Piping

by Karter Mycroft

I raise my flute with trembling…
December 23, 2019/by Karter Mycroft

Tenth Day

by R.J. Hunt

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my lover…
December 22, 2019/by R.J. Hunt

Nine Ladies Dancing

by D.M. Burdett

She dances for him; en pointe, lightly…
December 21, 2019/by D.M. Burdett

Eight Maids A-milking

by Susanne Thomas

Trina and Carla sat at the bottom…
December 20, 2019/by Susanne Thomas

Death for Christmas

by Cassandra Angler

On the seventh day of Christmas,…
December 19, 2019/by Cassandra Angler

Arena of Shadows – Six Body-Parts Bleeding…

by John Saxton

A dark shed: arena of shadows.
A heavyset…
December 18, 2019/by John Saxton

Five Golden Rings

by Joel R. Hunt

On the fifth day of Christmas my true…
December 18, 2019/by Joel R. Hunt

Love Santa

by Kimberly Rei

The first gift arrived by courier.…
December 17, 2019/by Kimberly Rei

Dinner for Three

by J.W. Garrett

A sticky red paste covered the cook…
December 16, 2019/by J.W. Garrett

The 2nd Day

by Jason Holden

I’d seen the news. It’s all over…
December 15, 2019/by Jason Holden

The First Day of Christmas

by R.A. Goli

Jonah woke, drenched in sweat, heart…
December 14, 2019/by R.A. Goli

Eye of Phone

by Liam Hogan

“When shall we three meet again?”
November 28, 2019/by Liam Hogan

The Kid Who Hates Baseball

by Alanna Robertson-Webb

     I love coaching…
November 28, 2019/by Alanna Robertson-Webb

Under the Bed

by A.R. Dean

Bedtime was here again. Billy shook in…
November 27, 2019/by A.R. Dean

Dying With Laughter

by Tracy Davidson

If you’re gonna die, die laughing,…
November 24, 2019/by Tracy Davidson

The Probe

by Colleen Anderson

Frank awoke, staring into the…
November 24, 2019/by Colleen Anderson

Blaster of Puppets

by Beth W. Patterson

“What’s wrong? Did your sense…
November 20, 2019/by Beth W. Patterson

Forever Hungry

by Jason Holden

It waits, making low groaning noises.…
November 18, 2019/by Jason Holden

In the Middle of the Night

by Jacek Wilkos

He woke up in the middle of the night.…
November 18, 2019/by Jacek Wilkos

Gallows Humour

by Joel R. Hunt

Gonzo the Clown trembled on the gallows.…
November 15, 2019/by Black Hare Press

How to Deal with Stress

by Crystal L. Kirkham

A co-worker once asked me how…
November 10, 2019/by Crystal L. Kirkham

Don’t Wear Black

by Charlotte O’Farrell

In life, Aunt Maud had no…
November 10, 2019/by Charlotte O’Farrell


by Shawn M. Klimek

“It’s a parasitic twin,”…
November 8, 2019/by Shawn M. Klimek

Dinner Plans

by Raven Corinn Carluk

"What should we eat?"
November 2, 2019/by Raven Corinn Carluk

The Hunger

by Stephanie Scissom

Elspbeth peered through her keyhole.…
October 30, 2019/by Stephanie Scissom

Spell for the Dead

by Belinda Brady

“The Spell for the Dead only works…
October 27, 2019/by Belinda Brady

Mrs Jack’s Hallowe’en Surprise!

by Donna Cuttress

The knife pierced the toughened…
October 24, 2019/by Donna Cutress

Kindness Altered

by C.L. Steele

“Not a flat!”
Molly worried about…
October 22, 2019/by C.L. Steele

The Root of All Evil

by Andrew Anderson

All the village kids knew which…
October 18, 2019/by Andrew Anderson


by Jasmine Arch

The pumpkin's toothy grin had grown…
October 18, 2019/by Jasmine Arch


by G. Allen Wilbanks

Morty loved decorating for Halloween.…
October 18, 2019/by G. Allen Wilbanks

Riddle of the Sphinx

by Shawn M. Klimek

“Domesticated dogs came into…
October 11, 2019/by Shawn M. Klimek

Here Comes the Knock

by Paula R. C. Readman

Streetlights darken.
October 11, 2019/by Paula R. C. Readman

The Wackiest Star Ship in the Space Force

by John H. Dromey

A doorbell rang. A door creaked…
October 11, 2019/by John H. Dromey

Anniversary of the Mask Murders

by Joshua D. Taylor

Chris and Sara stared at the abandoned…
October 11, 2019/by Joshua D. Taylor

A Family Hallowe’en

by Connie R. Watson

With a final slice, Jace completed…
October 8, 2019/by Connie R. Watson

Party Favours

by J.S. Carnes

Cindy manoeuvred through fake cobwebs…
October 2, 2019/by J.S. Carnes

Head of the Class

by Raven Corinn Carluk

Master found me on the streets…
September 30, 2019/by Raven Corinn Carluk

Tali’s Future

by Susanne Thomas

Heralds pronounced the fate of the…
September 27, 2019/by Susanne Thomas

A Deal is a Deal

by Crystal L. Kirkham

Tonight, they celebrated her…
September 25, 2019/by Crystal L. Kirkham

The Ancestor Stone

by Joel R. Hunt

Becoming a man had been harder in…
September 23, 2019/by Joel R. Hunt

Turning Thirteen

by William J. Joel

Today was the day, and Tiffany…
September 20, 2019/by William J. Joel

The Monster in the Bed

by Aiki Flinthart

Each night it comes for her body,…
September 20, 2019/by Aiki Flinthart

First Job

by Adam S. Furman

Today's the first day of my career.
September 15, 2019/by Adam S. Furman


by Freddy Iryss

My brothers and sisters always tease…
September 13, 2019/by Freddy Iryss

Amor Fati

by Charlotte O’Farrell

Trevor arrived at the group’s…
September 11, 2019/by Charlotte O’Farrell

Spreading My Wings

by Annie Percik

I have been waiting so long. The hour…
September 9, 2019/by Annie Percik

Taran’s Hunt

by Tracy Davidson

No longer a child. Time to prove…
September 6, 2019/by Tracy Davidson

That Healthy Glow

by Ryan Benson

Donna gazed at her reflection.
September 4, 2019/by Ryan Benson

Second Time’s the Charm

by Becky Benishek

He came to her when she had too…
September 4, 2019/by Becky Benishek

Better Latte Than Never’s

by A.L. Blacklyn

I'm about to burn. My final thesis…
September 2, 2019/by A.L. Blacklyn

First Time

by Liam Hogan

The hunter waited, trembling. Across…
September 2, 2019/by Liam Hogan

The Bell

by C.M. Saunders

The very word is enough…
August 28, 2019/by C.M. Saunders

Awful Alphabet

by Evan Baughfman

“Daddy, they taught me my ABC’s!”…
August 26, 2019/by Evan Baughfman

The Glutton

by John A. DeMember

The infernal flames licked at…
August 23, 2019/by John A. DeMember


by J. Motoki

His last words hiss under the pendulum…
August 21, 2019/by J. Motoki

Your Ride Has Arrived

by Evan Baughfman

The hearse came to a silent stop…
August 16, 2019/by Evan Baughfman

A Psi of Relief

by Shawn M. Klimek

Once the mushroom’s psychotropic…
August 14, 2019/by Shawn M. Klimek

Other Oceans

by Blair Frison

An epidemic of suicide and madness…
August 13, 2019/by Blair Frison

Cosmic Horror

by Dustin Pinney

Ray saw the asteroid long before…
August 9, 2019/by Dustin Pinney

The Tailor

by Ezekiel Kincaid

I slipped on the suit. The sleeves…
August 7, 2019/by Ezekiel Kincaid


by Denzell Cooper

The wheat grew past our heads, ears…
August 5, 2019/by Denzell Cooper

When the Cat’s Away…

by Thomas Kleaton

Norman scratched his head, pondering…
August 2, 2019/by Thomas Kleaton

Allison’s Ghost

by W.T. Paterson

The house wasn’t haunted when she…
July 30, 2019/by W.T. Paterson


by Connor Greenaway

He put the pen down, defeated.…
July 28, 2019/by Connor Greenaway

Devil’s Triangle

by Caleb Echterling

During the drinking game Devil’s…
July 28, 2019/by Caleb Echterling

Big Bad Consequences

by Tim Hawken

Pneumoconiosis has taken its toll. The…
July 25, 2019/by Tim Hawken

Eyes of Innocence

by Ximena Escobar

Behind her sweet caress lies a lie. …
July 24, 2019/by Ximena Escobar


by C.D. Augello

     In the night he feels her…
July 21, 2019/by C.D. Augello

Flesh Art

by Gary Ferrill

Flesh was torn. Limbs flayed open.…
July 18, 2019/by Gary Ferrill

Trophic Dynamics

by Gabrielle Bleu

Sixteen dogs used to roam the back…
July 17, 2019/by Gabrielle Bleu

After Glow

by Liam Hogan

Huh. Zombies.
Of course it was zombies.…
July 15, 2019/by Liam Hogan

Where Her Heart Was

by Adam Breckenridge

My girlfriend opened the door…
July 12, 2019/by Adam Breckenridge


by Lynne Lumsden Green

My friend Ben and I loved jumping…
July 10, 2019/by Lynne Lumsden Green


by Shane Sinjun

“Welcome to AA,” the convenor…
July 8, 2019/by Shane Sinjun

We’ll Always Have Venus

by Shawn M. Klimek

To humanity’s great relief, the…
July 5, 2019/by Shawn M. Klimek


by Belinda Brady

“Fancy a drink?” Dave asks.
July 3, 2019/by Belinda Brady


by Chitra Gopalakrishnan

Release travels to me through…
June 30, 2019/by Chitra Gopalakrishnan

The Carrion Maven

by Casey Douglass

It seeps through the streets like…
June 28, 2019/by Casey Douglass


by Vonnie Winslow Crist

The trouble began when Jimmie…
June 25, 2019/by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Mother Cat

by Rickey Rivers Jr.

Rick accidentally ran over a…
June 24, 2019/by Rickey Rivers Jr.


by Daniel Bagley

Deep inside lives a monster, born…
June 20, 2019/by Daniel Bagley

Automated Control

by Ryan Benson

The small civilians pelt me with rocks…
June 19, 2019/by Ryan Benson

Pin This Picture Upon the Refrigerator

by Steven Holding

Furious scratching as crayon scrapes…
June 17, 2019/by Steven Holding

Time to Retreat

by Gabriella Balcom

As Pam picked a dahlia, something…
June 13, 2019/by Gabriella Balcom

The Gun

by James WF Roberts

The gun on the table mocks me.…
June 12, 2019/by James WF Roberts


by Charlotte O’Farrell

All my life, Uncle Harry’s…
June 10, 2019/by Charlotte O’Farrell

Aberrant Foliation

by Dennis Mombauer

The train stopped. Sanesh awoke…
June 5, 2019/by Dennis Mombauer

Darkness Falls

by Kim Plasket

Darkness falls across a sea of blood.…
June 3, 2019/by Kim Plasket

A New Mourning

by Kevin Hopson

Michael knew of the man. He visited…
May 31, 2019/by Kevin Hopson

Treasure Hunt

by Holly Schofield

The penthouse door shut behind…
May 29, 2019/by Holly Schofield

All the Little Vampires

by Gregory L. Norris

While the family slept, all the…
May 27, 2019/by Gregory L. Norris

Rags and Bones

by Carys Crossen

The villagers decided she was a witch.…
May 24, 2019/by Carys Crossen

The Capital D

by A.L. King

I’ve seen Death. That’s with a capital…
May 22, 2019/by A.L. King

O Fear and Fortuna

by L.P. Melling

They rained from the sky, shaped like…
May 19, 2019/by L.P. Melling


by Steven Sheil

She fell backwards into the crowd…
May 17, 2019/by Steven Sheil

Lady in White

by A.R. Johnston

I slowly walked toward the river,…
May 14, 2019/by A.R. Johnston

The Butcher of Redcreek Farm

by Zoey Xolton

Jacob shivered in the cage, naked as…
May 12, 2019/by Zoey Xolton

Excalibur’s Prelude

by Dave Ring

Emrys and Fatou le Fay had been practicing…
May 10, 2019/by Dave Ring

Grandma’s Gift

by J.D. Bell

Weathered hands work the long braid of…
May 8, 2019/by JD Bell

What Squirms Beneath

by Paul Alex Gray

Chunks of muck splattered Ernie…
May 5, 2019/by Paul Alex Gray

They Hang

by John Saxton

They hang; some in bunches, others…
May 3, 2019/by John Saxton

Soul Food

by Mike Murphy

The eternal soul fluttered about the…
April 30, 2019/by Mike Murphy


by Russell Hemmell

"Welcome to The Morgue. At 5 pm,…
April 25, 2019/by Russell Hemmell


by Belinda Brady

“Shapeshifters? Why are you reading…
April 23, 2019/by Belinda Brady

It’s So Dark

by Stephen Herczeg

I wake. It’s dark. So dark.
April 17, 2019/by Stephen Herczeg

The Rich, The Poor And When Earth’s Time Is Up

by Aditya Deshmukh

An ashamed sun drags itself up…
April 17, 2019/by Aditya Deshmukh

The Hot Bunk

by Shawn M. Klimek

Lieutenant Kent ached. His leaden…
April 10, 2019/by Shawn M. Klimek

Quick Salvage

by Eddie D. Moore

I found the derelict in a degrading…
April 10, 2019/by Eddie D. Moore

On the House

by Colleen Anderson

Jordan hated everything; wife…
April 2, 2019/by Colleen Anderson

The 97-Year-Old Science-Fiction Writer’s Untimely Time-Machine Computer

by J. J. Steinfeld

The 97-year-old science-fiction…
March 30, 2019/by J. J. Steinfeld

Protected Class

by Adam S. Furman

To the citizens and subjects of…
March 30, 2019/by Adam S. Furman

Nodes and Modes

by Beth W. Patterson

There was no sound in space,…
March 27, 2019/by Beth W. Patterson

A Breath So Sweet

by Stephen Coghlan

Oh, The Horror!
I must escape!
March 27, 2019/by Stephen Coghlan


by Alex Gounaris

I floated in space, heading for an endless…
March 16, 2019/by Alex Gounaris
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