D.M. Burdett was born in the United Kingdom, lived for a time in Germany and has now made her home in Melbourne, Australia, where she lives with her family and a menagerie of cats, dogs and chickens.

She has worked in software development for over 30 years, winning industry awards along the way, and has published several titles which teach computational and computing skills to the under eights. She also writes a blog on the subject.

Since she was very young, Dawn has always held a fascination for writing and has had several successes with short stories, and both adult and children’s fiction. Her most recent works include Mommy Zombie Apocalypse, Cow Trumps and Sheep Burps, the Kanga Roopert and the Clubhouse Coders series, and a three book Sci-Fi series. She is currently working on a YA dystopian novel, which is aimed for release in late 2019.

In her spare time Dawn loves taking walks along the beach with her dogs in tow, losing herself in any kind of book, and exploring the Australian countryside in her teardrop camper van.

In the future, Dawn intends to build on what she has learned so far on her writing journey, and carry on the adventure of travelling around Australia while doing it.

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