Dawn’s first success was with a short horror story published in a charity anthology entitled Shrouded by Darkness in 2006 published by Telos Publishing. Several years later, she had a Young Adult book (Daffodil and the Thin Place) and a single author anthology of speculative fiction stories (Extraordinary), published as well as several historical romances, set mainly during and between the two World Wars.

She has written two plays about the First World War, one of which commemorated the beginning of the war and was first performed in England in 2014 and then in France and Germany. The other play commemorated the end of the war and was performed in England in 2018 and in Germany 2019. Using her World War One research, she has also written a book entitled The Great War – 100 Stories of 100 Words Honouring Those Who Lived and Died 100 Years Ago which was shortlisted for the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2018, a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2018 and the Independent Author Network Awards 2018.

She has written short stories for several women’s magazines as well as pocket novels for My Weekly Magazine.

Recently, she has submitted drabbles to Black Hare Press and is published in three of the BHP “Dark Drabbles” Microfiction Anthologies: Hate, Oceans and Ancients.

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