JB Wocoski (Joe Wocoski) is the author and narrator of the shortstorypodcast.com contributor to various Black Hare Press

anthologies: Storming Area 51, Unravel, Apocalypse, Eerie Christmas, Love, Hate, and Jibbernocky.

Joe is the author of three flash fiction short story anthologies published in the last three years. He is currently working on book 4 in the Short Story Podcast series. For those who enjoy poetry, he also has a number of poetry books.

Joe writes mostly science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Joe retired from the corporate world in 2015. To usher in this new phase of his life, he began writing drabbles, flash fiction and short stories in 2015. He won the 2016 Little Tokyo Short Story Writing Contest with his short story “The Last Master of Go.”

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