L.T. (she/her) writes mostly speculative fiction shorts and novels while spending her days raising her children and satisfying her never-ending thirst for knowledge through reading, meeting people, and first-hand life experiences. She writes for various age groups and has several published short stories in the literary, historical, fantasy, and speculative fiction genres. She currently volunteers with WriteHive, an online literary conference.

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Nine Ladies Dancing

by D.M. Burdett   She dances for him; en pointe, lightly skimming the dark wood of the tabletop. “Enchanting, Number Eight,” he whispers huskily. He watches from the shadows, hooded eyes black as a starless night, dark hair falling across his face. Assemblé…changement…petit battement. A final jerky chaînés, then she is still. Eyes closed, she […]

D.M. Burdett

D.M. Burdett was born in the United Kingdom, lived for a time in Germany and has now made her home in Melbourne, Australia, where she lives with her family and a menagerie of cats, dogs and chickens.