DECEMBER 2023 SUBMISSION THEME: Fatal Flaws. A failure in a system, machinery, medicine, that ultimately ends in a grisly way. A biological flaw that results in an untimely end. Something that prevents a hero from succeeding, or is the cause of a tragic mistake.

This theme will be open for submissions from 1st DECEMBER 2023 and will close midnight 30th DECEMBER 2023 (last place on Earth).  Submissions received outside of this timeframe will not be read.

You must include the theme in your email subject (as shown above). Reading will start once the submission period has closed.

The BEST 12 drabbles will be chosen for publication in JANUARY 2024.

Word count : EXACTLY 100 words, excluding title and pen name
Author eligibility : Open to all.
Reprints : Not allowed
Simultaneous Submissions : Not allowed
Multiple Submissions : One per pen name, per theme << IF YOU SEND MORE THAN ONE, WE WILL REJECT THEM ALL, UNREAD
Publication : Online in Dark Moments.  May be included in a single anthology in print and digital formats at a later date (but within one year of initial publication)
Author compensation : 0.04 USD per word via Paypal

Submit to : darkmoments@BlackHarePress.com