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Novellas – 20,000 to 40,000 wordcount

Novella series are always a possibility, though we’re not looking for them in this call.

Author compensation will be in the form of;

  • $100 USD advance
  • 60% share of book royalties
  • 80% share of merchandise royalties

Co-authored submissions welcome.

Stage 1First chapter only due within the submission window, along with a synopsis and rough plot outline and your short bio (for our use only, not for publication). Make it good, make us hungry to see more. Please allow 4 weeks from closing date for a response.

Stage 2 – Those successful in stage 1 will be invited to submit their completed manuscript (and their full bio) within 12 weeks. This full manuscript will go to our read team. Successful authors from stage 2 will be invited to sign contracts with us. Please allow 12 weeks from closing date for a response.

Author eligibility : Open only to all
Reprints : Not allowed
Simultaneous Submissions : Not allowed
Multiple Submissions : No.
Publication : Single author publications in digital, print and audio, launching 2022/23
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