We are looking for dark stories, in any genre.

Please ensure your first 500 words compel the reader to want to go further.

Word count : 5,000+
Please include a blurb (40+ words, we’ll work with successful entries to finesse it for publication), and a short synopsis. Include both of these in your manuscript, before your story. 

Remember: we have a blind read process, which means our read team do not know any of the author’s details. Please do not include your personal information (name, pseudonym, address, email, bio, etc) in your manuscript – your story will be rejected and will not be eligible for resubmission. However, please include your personal information in the email body.

Author eligibility : Open to all.
Reprints : Not allowed.
Simultaneous Submissions : Not allowed. Please don’t send your manuscript to other publishers while we are evaluating it.
Co-authored works : Allowed.

Multiple Submissions : As many as you like, but please wait for a response on one before sending the next so as not to overwhelm our read team.

Publication :
Each story will be its own publication, published in digital format, and assigned to one of our new series headers.
Sequels are always a possibility, and where accepted, the first and subsequent publications will be re-directed to the “single author” stream, which includes print editions.
Author compensation :
Monetary awards will be based on wordcounts after edits (so please don’t pad);
~5,000 to 10,000   – $20 USD
~10,000 to 17,000 – $30 USD
Plus one digital copy

Submit to :

Please allow 12 weeks for a response.