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Author’s Lament

by K.T. Tate


I just wanted a muse. Something unusual to fuel my writing. But that dusty tome with its ancient rites gave me more than that.

It was not a muse summoned there, but a thing. Indescribable, even to a seasoned author in its unique horror. Stars burned and died within its shifting form. Its eyeless gaze burned through me, tarnishing me from the inside as I wept. The safe illusion of reality shattered.

Now it fills my mind. Taking up space, forcing me to write its heresy. My words spreading its gospel of madness. Please, I can’t stop myself, I can’t…

K.T. Tate

K.T. Tate is an English author inspired to write speculative fiction. She draws on her love of horror to explore the themes of cosmic and occult horror, the supernatural, folktales, and witchcraft. Writing mainly drabbles and short stories, her works have been featured in a plethora of anthologies.