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Celestial Game

by Abi Marie Palmer


The arrow pierced the angel’s chest. Damien smirked as it plummeted towards the vast grounds of his manor. Now nobody would deny his hunting skills.

His catch plunged into the lake. Its limp husk bobbed to the surface, charred but incandescent. An exquisite specimen. When stuffed, it would look impressive in the dining hall next to the Masai lion. Now to retrieve the carcass.

The angel’s eyes snapped open. It rose above the lake with a disgruntled roar and clawed the arrow from its chest.

Damien’s servants found his body that night. It was displayed in the dining hall, stuffed.

Abi Marie Palmer

Abi Marie Palmer is a freelance proofreader and editor with an English Literature degree from Cardiff University. She is training to become a secondary school English teacher and enjoys writing in her spare time. instagram.com/abimariepalmer