by Jacqueline Moran Meyer


Elspeth haunts me. At night, I hear her ankle chains scrape along the floorboards towards the bedroom I share with my new bride. She’s getting closer, with her bloated body now splattering water on the rug around our bed. Last night, I took to drink in the hope of not remembering her visit. This morning my new love lay dead beside me; wet footsteps led to her side of the bed. I may have married Elspeth for her money and not defended her when accused of sorcery, but never had I suspected her of truly being a witch—until now.

Jacqueline Moran Meyer

Jacqueline Moran Meyer is a writer, artist, and small business owner living in New York, where she received her master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. Jacqueline loves science fiction and horror genres. Reading Ray Bradbury was a mind-blowing experience for her in eighth grade. Alice Munro and Rod Serling were great influences. Jacqueline also enjoys the company of her husband Bruce and their three children: Julia, Emma, and Lauren. Jacqueline’s mantra is “The only time it’s too late to try something new is when you are dead.”

Whitechapel Rain

by Matthew Wilson


I have had dark moments since I escaped that hospital filled with fools who didn’t grasp my greatness, so I had to burn them.

I wished to run into the light, but Whitechapel only has darkness and more laughing women who do not appreciate me.

The doctors I burned? I have murdered for necessities—like clothes—borrowed a dead man’s name, but still my head is filled with horrid thoughts.

But I will prove those dead doctors wrong, I will try to be human, something free and undeserving of cages.

Gentleman Jack, even if I do have frequent dark moments.

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson has been published over 200 times in such places as Horror Zine, Star*Line, Zimbell House Publishing, and many more. He is currently editing his first novel.

Midnight at the Gallows

by McKenzie Richardson


The corpse swings on its rope when my fingers wrap around its wrist. Tendons and muscles fray as I sever the flesh. Cracking bones, I saw through until the hand falls into my grasp.

Before dissolving into the darkness, reeking of congealing blood, I collect slabs of fat from the murderer’s torso for a candle, a hair from his head to serve as its wick. Placed in the Hand of Glory, it will grant me powers unimaginable with which to exact my revenge.

They thought to burn my kind. They are not the only ones who can play with fire.

McKenzie Richardson

McKenzie Richardson lives in Milwaukee, WI. Most recently, her work has been featured in anthologies by Black Hare Press, Eerie River Publishing, and Iron Faerie Publishing. She has also published a poetry collaboration with Casey Renee Kiser, 433 Lighted Way, and her middle-grade fantasy novel, Heartstrings, is available on Amazon.

Author’s Lament

by K.T. Tate


I just wanted a muse. Something unusual to fuel my writing. But that dusty tome with its ancient rites gave me more than that.

It was not a muse summoned there, but a thing. Indescribable, even to a seasoned author in its unique horror. Stars burned and died within its shifting form. Its eyeless gaze burned through me, tarnishing me from the inside as I wept. The safe illusion of reality shattered.

Now it fills my mind. Taking up space, forcing me to write its heresy. My words spreading its gospel of madness. Please, I can’t stop myself, I can’t…

K.T. Tate

K.T. Tate is an English author inspired to write speculative fiction. She draws on her love of horror to explore the themes of cosmic and occult horror, the supernatural, folktales, and witchcraft. Writing mainly drabbles and short stories, her works have been featured in a plethora of anthologies.


by Joshua Gessner


I see a girl, hidden behind a curtain of trees, with poisoned lips and rotten teeth. Somewhere, in the pit of her, her heart is just as rotten. I believe if you slit her open, maggots and soot would be all you’d find. There is a shadow of her before she changed, signing her soul in the big black book. Yet that is all we know, the memory of her. For now, she is claimed by the unholy. She is his servant. A witch. I feel her name upon my own lips now. It stings, like a rose’s thorn. Madeline.

Joshua Gessner

 Joshua Gessner is a full-time college student and lives with his family at his home in Manchester, New Hampshire. He is a lover of a variety of genres, both when reading and when writing. He is also a lover of all movies and hopes to someday be a full-time author.

A Successful Exorcism

by Celestine Trinidad


Father Fernando kept on chanting prayers, ignoring the screams of the demon that possessed the boy.

“You don’t know what this child is!” the demon shrieked. “Without me here to stop him, he’ll—”

“I cast thee out!”

A final scream, and then, silence.

“He’s gone,” Father Fernando said. “Niño is safe, now.”

Three days later, the Santos family was found in their home, all murdered, except for their youngest, Niño, who had gone missing.

That night, during his evening prayers, Father Fernando felt someone watching him. Waiting.
When he turned, Niño grinned at him, moonlight glinting off his knife.


Celestine Trinidad

Celestine Trinidad is a licensed physician (particularly a pathologist) based in the Philippines. In her spare time, she writes fiction of different genres, including speculative fiction. Some of her other stories have been published in other print and online venues, such as The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories and Insignia.

We Can Only Fall

by Callum Pearce


Swept down from heaven on the wind of Satan’s expulsion. My crime—merely witnessing dissent. I hurtled towards this filthy rock as flames ripped through my wings. In heaven, there was no pain. Now, every newly awakened nerve screams at me constantly.

They scream too, those creatures he loves so much. They howl and struggle as my knife rips through their flesh. They don’t understand my gift to them. That which I am forever denied. I return them to the painless place, free them from the misery that I must endure. His children are always rising, angels can only fall.


Callum Pearce

Callum Pearce is a Dutch storyteller, originally from Liverpool. A fiction writer published multiple times across a variety of platforms. Lover of the magical as well as the macabre. He lives in a foggy old fishing town in the Netherlands with his husband and a couple of cat-shaped sprites.

The Devourer

by Warren Benedetto


Maslowe stood absolutely still. Warm, rancid breath caressed the back of his neck.

It had come for him.


The Devourer.

Mist swirled around the thing, enshrouding it like unholy vestments. It was shapeless. Formless. An undulating mass devoid of features, save for a terrible maw. Its blackened lips parted to reveal crystalline teeth, curved icicles dripping with long, elastic drops of clear ooze.

What escaped from its mouth was not sound, but the absence of sound. A silence so ageless and infinite that Maslowe felt his sanity slipping away.

“Why me?” Maslowe whispered.

“Because you exist,” the Devourer said.


Warren Benedetto

Warren Benedetto writes short fiction about horrible people doing horrible things. He has a Master’s degree in Film/TV Writing from USC. He is also the developer of StayFocusd, the world’s most popular anti-procrastination app for writers. He built it while procrastinating. 


On Thunderous Wings

by Zoey Xolton


The eldritch gods of the ever deep stir in the darkness from eternal sleep.

The Void is silent save for a single scream, originating on Earth—a little girl’s dream.

Devourers of worlds from beyond the dark sheet, soon to awaken…a hunger for flesh so sweet.

From the timeless halls of Cthulhu, the Old Ones make their way to the small blue planet within the Milky Way.

Tentacles curl and golden eyes glow, the mortals have no hope—they just do not know.

By wing, tooth, tail, and claw, humanity at last will die…

Death descends, painting a blood-stained sky.


Zoey Xolton

Zoey Xolton is a published Australian writer of dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and horror. She is also a proud mother of two and is married to her soulmate. Writing is her passion. She is especially fond of short speculative fiction and recently released her debut collection Darkly Ever After.

The Sound from the Moors

by Joel R. Hunt


I cannot describe the sound that emanated from the moors all those years ago, nor speculate of its cause. All I can state with certainty is that it did not belong to this world.

The sound haunted my dreams for years. At last, starved of sleep, I came to hear it even in waking, echoing through my halls.

It was a relief to be committed to Arkham Sanitorium. The asylum became my blessed, silent refuge.

Yet my respite did not last.

The doctors here have no human voice.

When their mouths open, I hear only the sound from the moors.

Joel R. Hunt

Joel R. Hunt is a writer from the UK who dabbles in the darker aspects of life, particularly through horror, science fiction, and the supernatural. He has been published in a number of short story anthologies (including Black Hare Press’ Dark Drabbles series) and hopes to have released his own anthology of short stories later this year.
You can find his daily “very short stories” on