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Dinner Plans

by Raven Corinn Carluk


“What should we eat?”

“Dunno. What ain’t we ‘ad lately?”


“Jus’ be ‘ungry in an ‘our.”


“Too spicy. ‘ad a bubble in me guts fer a week after last one.”

“New gyro shop opened around the corner.”

“Ya know, I don’ even wanna go out.”

“‘I don’ wanna go out. I don’ wanna hunt fer food.'”

“Oy. Don’t be sucha bitch.”

“Well it’s not like they have Uber Eats for vampires, do they?”

“…huh. They don’.”

“You have your thinking look on again.”

“Why don’ we just eat a delivery driver?”

“Oh, I do love a surprise meal.”


Raven Corinn Carluk

Raven Corinn Carluk writes dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and anything else that catches her interest. She’s authored five novels, and has appeared in various short story and microfiction anthologies. Keep up-to-date with her and enjoy many free reads on RavenCorinnCarluk.Blogspot.Com