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Duped Again

by John Cramer

The grimoire delivered as was promised. The rite has given me the acceptance I crave. Suddenly women find me attractive. My boss offered me the big promotion. And indeed, I have not been bullied a single time since reciting that incantation. No more name calling, no snickering when anyone passes by. All of it gone in an instant. I can’t deny that I have finally achieved the level of approval that I’ve craved from people my entire life. What I did not anticipate was the price of this malignant spell. That’s because now the entire planet is wearing my face.


John Cramer

Born in the industrial wastes of Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in the swampy armpit that is Houston, Texas. John Cramer writes horror fiction, plays in an ancient underground rock band, and dreams of leaving the country (or at the very least, leave Texas).

Website: linktr.ee/john_cramer