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The Affectionate Captain Belle

by Alden Terzo 

Captain Belle and Bonecrusher Pete brought their dinghy alongside her ship.

Belle stood, jewels in hand. “Sorry luv, you won’t be coming aboard.”

  Pete gaped. “You’re double crossing me?”

“Maths was never your strength, was it sugar?” She smiled. “We double crossed that jeweller. This is a triple cross.”

Pete stood, towering over her. “I’ll not stand for this!”

“I know, baby,” Belle cooed. Drawing her cutlass, she deftly sliced the tendon beneath his kneecap, sending him sprawling. “You may sit.”

Pete roared.

“Such a tantrum!” Belle exclaimed as her crew pulled her aboard. “Was it the maths barb, darlin’?

Alden Terzo

When Alden Terzo isn’t reading, he’s often writing. Or procrastinating. There is usually coffee involved. Find him on Twitter 

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