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The Hike

by Leigh Kenny

The hike was gruelling, the woods unforgiving. Jessie huffed and grumbled as she walked. She’d started complaining early into the trek. Conor rolled his eyes, tired of her already.

“At least you don’t have to do the return trip,” he snapped.


Conor froze, realising too late what he had said. He turned just as Jessie began to scream. In her haste to retreat, she dropped her pack, tripping over the jumbled straps and twisting her ankle in the process.

Sighing, Conor pulled the long blade from his bag.

“I guess we’re starting early,” he said coldly, stepping towards her.

Leigh Kenny

Leigh was born and raised in the garden county of Wicklow, Ireland. She is the mother and proud protector of two wonderful boys, a black Labrador, and a three-legged cat that hates people. You can find out more about Leigh’s work and any upcoming releases on her social media: @LeighKennyWrites