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Vindictive Waters

by Ali House


The attack was swift and merciless. By the time the crew noticed the Jolly Roger, it was too late. Pirates swarmed the shipsharp blades in their hands and murder in their eyes. Soon the entire crew lay dead on the blood-soaked deck.

The unmanned ship was left adrift, with nobody to guide it. But as the moon ascended, the spirits of the dead began to rise.

It was rumoured that pirates felt no fear, but they’d always been the hunter, never the hunted. As the ghostly crew manned their stations, they swore never to rest until they’d tasted revenge.


Ali House

Ali House currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada, surrounded by overflowing bookshelves and unfinished stories. Her novels include The Six Elemental, The Fifth Queen, and The Lightbulb Forest (Engen Books). Her words can be found in Apocalypse, Love, Hate, Oceans, and Pride (Black Hare Press). Find her thoughts at engenbooks.com/tag/house-blog/